Innovative Breakthroughs Spring from Cumulative Efforts

LINK-J special members include foreign and domestic universities, new and established businesses, industry organizations, venture companies, researchers, and entrepreneurial students, all with some kind of connection to the life-sciences. Together these institutions and individuals constitute the LINK-J network. In addition to encouraging LINK-J special members to participate in the various events and programs we offer, we are pleased to make our communication lounges, conference rooms, and event spaces available for members’ private use.

Providing LINK-J Special Members with Opportunities to Interact

LINK-J Businesses Services for LINK-J Special Members (Examples)
Come Together
  • Symposiums, seminars, and other events
  • Events organized by external organizations partnering with LINK-J
  • Events aimed at nurturing connections between special members
  • Events organized by overseas organizations and other groups partnering with LINK-J
  • Study sessions to discuss specific themes
  • Acceleration programs aimed at entrepreneurs and startups
Take Flight
  • Corporate introductions
  • Venture pitches

Providing LINK-J Special Members with Places etc. to Interact

  • Communication lounges
  • Conference rooms
  • Temporary working rooms

LINK-J Members (Special Members): Membership Fees

Membership Type Qualifications Annual Fee Enrollment Fee
Special Membership A Corporations with 101 or more employees or those in business for 20 or more years ¥500,000 ¥100,000
Special Membership B
  • Corporations with 100 or fewer employees and in business for fewer than 20 years
  • Non-profit organizations (Independent administrative agency, national research and development agency, administrative agencies, educational corporations, general corporations, quasi-public bodies of diplomatic missions in Japan and other such institutions, public benefit corporations, social welfare corporations, etc.)
¥120,000 ¥30,000
Special Membership C(Individual) Doctors, Company related persons or employees, and other individuals ¥30,000 ¥2,000
Related persons or employees of non-profit organizations that correspond to special membership B. ¥5,000
University students and graduate students ¥3,000

※Usage of conference rooms, temporary working rooms and private reservation of communication lounges are not included in services for Special Membership C.