BioJapan 2019 Exhibition Report

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LINK-J parcipitated in BioJapan 2019 as an exhibitor, which was held at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA from October 9th to 11th. Our booth was located near the entrance of the venue and attracted around 400 visitors from Japan and abroad in these three days, with whom we shared information about the activities of LINK-J as well as the business operations of the Mitsui Fudosan Life Science Innovation Department.


Over these three days, HERBIO Co., Ltd. and Aikomi Co., Ltd., who were awarded first prize and second prize respectively in the pitch contest of the digital health startup comprehensive support program "TECH FOR LIFE" (organized by INDEE Japan Co, Ltd. and co-organized by LINK-J), gave short presentations and carried out promotional activities at our booth. Mr. Toru Seo (supporter of Pfizer and LINK-J), who had judged the pitch contest, moderated the events and attracted lively crowds.

Left: Mr. Nick Hird (Aikomi Co., Ltd.) / Right: Ms. Shuri Marui (Herbio Co., Ltd.)

On October 10th, a "meet-up" of the participants of the Japan Healthcare Venture Summit (JHVS) organized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was held at the Harbor Lounge. As a part of the event a panel discussion on the "Opportunities in the Life Sciences and Technology, and How to Create Startups" was held. The panel discussion was produced by Mr. Akihiko Soyama Director and Secretary General, and Mr. Shuji Honjo, and moderated by Mr. Tatsuro Tsushima (INDEE Japan).


This meet-up also marked the beginning of the L×T bridge series of events (with the 4th event held in September) organized by LINK-J. The panelists for this panel discussion included Mr. Nick Hird (Aikomi), Mr. Seigo Hara (MICIN), and Mr. Atsuyoshi Matsuda (Logbii).

On the same day, a "Regional Business Conference (RBC): Business Matching & Networking" organized by the International Business Division of Yokohama City Economic Affairs Bureau was held at RISTORANTE ATTIMO.

At this conference, nine companies from the pharmaceutical and regenerative medicine industries in the United States and Germany were invited by Yokohama City with the aim of creating opportunities for matching with Japanese companies and supporting the development of business partnerships. LINK-J collaborated with Yokohama City to offer business matching opportunities to seven LINK-J member companies who had expressed interest prior to the conference. (Click here for the announcement by Yokohama City)


On October 11th, a panel discussion organized by the Healthcare Industry Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry was held on the main stage of the event venue. This session featured a discussion on the theme of "Aiming to Spur Innovation in the Field of Healthcare," at which Mr. Soyama was a participant.


We would like to express our gratitude to the many people who had visited our exhibition booth. We also hosted a drink service in our booth for visitors who had an opportunity to learn more about LINK-J and MITSUI LINK-Lab.