N-SIDE sets foot in Japan!

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Louvain-la-Neuve, Tokyo, 28 June 2023



N-SIDE, a Belgian scale-up providing software and services to solve complex issues through better decision-making, and Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX), the only power exchange that facilitates electricity trading in Japan, jointly announce their collaboration. N-SIDE will provide JEPX with algorithms to set the day-ahead electricity market prices and executed volumes in Japan.

Based on a mathematical optimization model, N-SIDE's Power Matching Algorithm will be integrated into JPEX's system, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable electricity market in Japan. Ultimately, it will also support Japan in reaching carbon neutrality.

N-SIDE in Life Sciences

N-SIDE empowers participants in the electricity exchange market as well as Pharmaceutical & biotech companies leveraging the same kind of cutting-edge technology.

Over the past 23 years, N-SIDE has been developing an end-to-end clinical supply planning solution, combining both end-to-end forecasting & planning and risk-based optimization. When most industry players still rely on Excel files to forecast their trials, N-SIDE optimization solutions can reduce drug waste and supply costs by ~40%, while ensuring no patient risk.

Those solutions allow clinical supply and manufacturing teams to implement concrete operational recommendations related to clinical supply planning from DS/DP down to IMP dispensing. The outcome is a reduction of wasted drugs, lower costs, and an increase in the overall team's efficiency.

More often than not, Pharma sponsors will call N-SIDE to support them with the packaging and sourcing planning, to solve situations of drug shortages, to optimize IRT settings, or to define the optimal supply chain strategy before FPI.

About N-SIDE

N-SIDE is a deeptech company that empowers Life sciences & Energy organizations to make better decisions and optimize the use of resources. N-SIDE is headquartered in Belgium with offices in the USA, and now soon in Japan, serving customers worldwide. For more information, visit


APAC regional manager & Partnership lead
N-Side S.A.

Yuka Morita
Foreign Trade Division
Wallonia Export-Investment Agency

N-SIDE sets foot in Japan! N-SIDE