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Chair of the Steering Committee, Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine


Graduated from Nagoya City University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences' master of science. After graduation I joined Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (now Astellas Pharma Inc.), engaged in bone and cartilage metabolism research. After that I involved JAPAN domestic and global clinical development such as treatment for renal disease, and was achieved to launch osteoporosis and hyperphosphatemia therapeutics. In recent years I have been engaged in public relations activities.
In 2018, I transferred from Astellas Pharma Inc. to "Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine (FIRM)", an industrial association for Secretary General, and served as the Chair of the Steering Committee from October 2021.

What I expect of LINK-J

With Tokyo (Nihonbashi) as a starting point, I look forward to expanding the circle of open innovation in the life sciences throughout Japan.

Message to LINK-J Special Members

I think LINK-J has a lot of open innovation with different industries. It's up to you to reap the fruits of that opportunity. Why don't you come to Nihonbashi together?

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