NIHONBASHI, Tokyo: a city of business and commercial district with history

Nihonbashi is the city of financial and business of Tokyo, and it is also historically pharmaceutical industries are centered: the best place to set up and develop life science business. We offer top class facilities such as conference rooms, communication lounges and shared office in Nihonbashi Life Science Building, and the most suitable offices for startup companies in Nihonbashi Life Science building 2.In addition, we opened a shared office in the Tosho building.


Offices with equipment and an environment essential for boosting business growth and innovation.

Nihonbashi Life Science Building
Nihonbashi Life Science Building 2
MFPR Nihonbashi Honcho Building
Ueno Building
LAUNCH Building
Fukushima Building
Nihonbashi Honcho 3-Chome Building

  • Office space
    Office space
    We offer a variety of spaces ranging from about 30 to 100 square meters in area. Freely use the lounge as a shared space.
  • Meeting space
    Meeting space
    We offer a meeting space that can be used when customers arrive.
  • Security
    Because there is security at the entrance, you can use the rooms with a feeling of security. (5F)

You must separately sign a lease contract and pay a monthly fee and deposit. (You must pass a review. In addition, you must become LINK-J member.)

Serviced Office

A serviced office in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, a gathering spot for the latest knowledge and information in the life sciences.

In order to respond to diverse needs, three types of usage plans are prepared. You can set the usage period flexibly, you can also register as an office. Also, because deposit is unnecessary, it is also attractive to be able to reduce the initial cost of use.

Nihonbashi Life Science Building 5F
Tosho Building
Ueno Building

  • Personal booths
    Personal booths
    We offer a booth that can secure privacy for one-person as well as booths for two-person. Because the booths can be locked, you will have security. As a PC and other things can be placed in the booth, it can be used as a hub in Tokyo for local users.
  • Open desks
    Open desks
    We offer open seats for one person to use easily. Freely choose a seat. We also offer window-side seats where you can concentrate on your work effortlessly.
  • Reception room
    Reception room
    This room can be used when you have visitors. (Free of charge; there are limits on the number of uses)

You must pass a review to be allowed to use these facilities. In addition, you must become LINK-J member.