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Creating New Life-Science Industries:
A Platform for Human Interaction and Information Exchange
Come Together, Connect, Grow, and Take Flight

LINK-J provides a wide range of new opportunities to help create novel life-science industries through its Interaction and Collaboration Business, which aims to help those involved in the life sciences come together and connect, and its Development and Assistance Business, which helps the ideas and innovations thus generated grow and take flight.

STEP1Come Together
When entities with disparate specialties are provided a forum for interaction and cooperation, communication transcends to a new level. LINK-J hosts symposiums, seminars, and other gatherings that focus on specific themes within the many interdisciplinary life science fields. We also actively support similar events organized by external organizations.
Interactions transcending disciplines and national boundaries provide opportunities for innovation and the generation of new ideas. At LINK-J, in addition to hosting regular events aimed at fostering such interaction, we collaborate with overseas organizations. In addition, at our base of operations in Nihonbashi district we provide spaces - from communication lounges to conference rooms - where members can engage in comprehensive dialogue.
Each entity brings its unique experience to the table and maintaining clear lines of communication contributes to innovation and the generation of new ideas. LINK-J supports communication and growth by providing spaces that allow diverse perspectives to be brought to the table and by offering acceleration programs aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs and members of startup companies as well as study sessions where specific topics are discussed in depth.
STEP4Take Flight
To germinate the seeds of innovation and bring value to society through commercialization, players must step up their game. At LINK-J, we host a variety of events, from corporate introductions aimed at procuring funds from angel investors and venture pitches targeting venture capitalists to functions designed to foster alliances between operating companies and startups.