Membership Application

Application for Special Membership

Membership guide

Please confirm the basic policy on protection of personal information and the purpose of use of personal information of LINK-J before the application.

Application flow

1. Documents required to be sent

Please complete the application form, the application summary sheet, and the questionnaires, and send them to LINK-J by email or postal mail.
※Please click here for adress.

Special Members A and B
(for corporations/organizations)
Special Members C
(for individuals)

Application form ->

Application form ->

Summary document for application ->

Summary document for application ->

Questionnaires ->

Questionnaires ->

2. The orientation

Please visit us or meet via online for the orientation.

3. Items to be prepared at the visit for the orientation

Special Members A and B Special Members C

Documents including the name, number of employees and the date of establishment of the company(Brochure or Home Page)

Documents that show where you belong(employee ID Card, Student Card, and so on)

4. If you are the member of special A and B, you can use the conference rooms.

Please fill out the registration application sheet and submit it with a seal or a signature.

5. Payment of the initial fee and the annual membership fee

Please pay your initial fee and annual membership fee as follows:

Special Members A and B Special Members C

Special Members A and B will receive a billing statement.

Special Members C will pay the fees with a credit card.

6. Completing membership registration

Your membership registration will be completed when we received your initial fee and annual membership fee.