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Doshomachi, Osaka-The Medicine Town

Osaka has been known as the "Medicine Town" for approximately 400 years.

Many Japan's representative pharmaceutical companies have their roots here. There are also many excellent life sciences related universities and research organizations in this area.

We started the LINK-J West activities to further accelerate the real exchange between people across fields in this area where a variety of life sciences related businesses, such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, regenerative medicine, and health related services, are being developed through the mutual cooperation between industry, academia, and government.

This includes between West and East Japan as well as among startups, business companies, organizations, venture capitals, universities, and public agencies engaged in activities in many areas.

LINK-J aims to be an organization that pioneers the way to the future by promoting collaboration.

Map of Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association member organizations and companies.
Even today, Doshomachi, Osaka, is where many pharmaceutical companies are located.

Doshomachi, Osaka--Nihonbashi, Tokyo Project

This project promotes open innovation between the companies and research organizations in the life sciences field that are active in Osaka and Kansai with the companies and research organizations that are active in the Tokyo area.


Up to now, LINK -J has provided places and opportunities for people to gather and exchange information through collaboration between organizations and companies in the Kansai Area. To going forward we will use a simultaneous relay system to achieve two-way communication among multiple bases.

On the Launch of LINK-J WEST and the Opening of Life Science Hub West

Yoshiki Sawa, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Chairman of the Board
Yoshiki Sawa, M.D., Ph.D.

LINK-J WEST was launched in September 2020, a time when the world is under siege from COVID-19. Many lives and economic activities around the world have been greatly affected, which has made innovations in healthcare as well as the life sciences more important than ever before. Osaka-Kansai is home to many leading pharmaceutical companies as well as outstanding universities and research institutions working in the life sciences in Japan, where various initiatives have been implemented through close collaboration between the industry, academia and the government.

Moving forward, platforms that transcend the boundaries of the industry, academia, the government and the private sector will continue to be established to facilitate open discussions, including the "Inochi Mirai Project" which will contribute to the development of the medical and healthcare industries in Kansai region. At the same time, the Osaka-Kansai Japan Expo will be held in 2025 under the theme of designing future society for our lives. There will be many excellent opportunities for everyone to learn more about R&D in the life sciences.

Although LINK-J has been primarily based in Nihonbashi of Tokyo hitherto, it will implement our initiatives formulated in Tokyo that focus on "interaction and collaboration" and "development and support" in Osaka-Kansai as well through LINK-J WEST. With the establishment of the "Life Science Hub West" in Osaka, it will also be possible for us to set up a system of simultaneous broadcasts in Osaka and Tokyo, and stream live events in a bidirectional manner.

We hope to expedite innovation in Kansai region by disseminating information of the life sciences from Osaka-Kansai to all over Japan and the world, and play a part in bringing the life science industry forward.