Out of Box Consulting Room

Out of Box Consulting Room

Out of Box Consulting Room: Support program that fosters endeavors to put research outcomes into practical use, hosted by LINK-J.


"Out of Box Consulting Room" is a support program that fosters endeavors to put research outcomes into practical use, hosted by LINK-J. Consult with us directly free of charge.
It is possible to ask for the opinions of supporters who play an active part in the forefront of drug discovery and bioscience, such as pharmaceutical companies, venture capital firms and consultants. We can respond to your inquiries concerning the direction of research for putting it into practical use, application of seeds and other topics.
Again, this is a free consultation program which is available to all researchers in labs and academia.


  • Day and time

    Every Friday afternoon

  • Location

    Communication lounge on the 10th floor, Nihonbashi Life Science Building※Consultation by online tool is basic.

  • Appointment

    Reservation required by              *Please reserve by 3 o'clock PM on Wednesday every week. *Please inform us your name, your company name, and the brief overview of your consultation. The person in charge will contact you.

Out of Box consulting room schedule



This movie shows the program of "Out of Box consulting room" which also includes the event held at Kanazawa University.
We usually provide the program at Life Science Building 10th floor. Please contact LINK-J if you look for other places or universities.

Introduction of Advisers

Toru J. Seo, Ph.D.
(LINK-J supporters)

・He works for a major foreign pharmaceutical company.
・While focusing on all fields, he specializes in metabolism, heart disease, inflammation and immunity and rare diseases.
・He is also trying to build a new ecosystem which includes startups support and a new business model with various networks. Hobby: Cycling

Shunichi Takahashi,Ph.D.
(LINK-J supporters)

・He works for a major foreign pharmaceutical company.
・He has research experience at research institute in the US, and also worked as project leader of produce development project management and segment manager of project management on cardiovascular & neurology. Now he works as a head of open innovation center.

Kinji Fuchikami
(LINK-J supporters)

・He works for an affiliated corporate venture capital firm of a major trading company.
・He has experience in drug discovery research in major foreign pharmaceutical companies and bio startup management as an entrepreneur.
・He was involved in hands-on investments in domestic and foreign bio startups, and as director, he supported management, business development, research and development and intellectual property strategy.

Mr. H

・He has over a total of 20 years of experience at domestic and foreign companies in exploratory research, evaluation of medicine and diagnosis.
・While he essentially works in all fields related to drug discovery, he has strengths in the following areas.
・He fully understands how to deal with European and U.S. companies and leverage the advantages of Japanese people.

  • * Cancer
    * Immunity and inflammation
    * Neurodegenerative diseases
    * Diabetes
    * Pain
    * Personalized medicine (biomarkers)

Hayato Watanabe
(LINK-J supporters)

・He works for a foreign private equity fund.
・Over 20 years of investment and advisory experience. , He was involved in an investment division of a major financial institution, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) (in charge of bio investment etc.), a foreign venture capital and a foreign advisory firm so far.
・His specialties include drug discovery startups, medical devices and a whole range of digital health. His aim is to contribute to the transformation of seeds and technologies into business by utilizing his global network.

Mr. K

・He works for a major domestic think tank.
・Previously he was engaged in the development of sales & marketing strategy at a major foreign pharmaceutical company and a foreign consulting firm, as well as support for increasing efficiency in new drug development business, development of business strategies for healthcare related companies and development of new business. In recent years, he has been involved in medical technology evaluation of medicines, analysis of health economics, support for information creation by real world data analysis and new business creation for a pharmaceutical company. He also has experience in the evaluation of development pipelines using the real options method.

kei Matsumoto

・He is a partner lawyer in a major foreign law firm.
・He has been working for more than 18 years since he was certified as an attorney.
・Primarily engaged in dispute resolution on intellectual property rights lawsuit and also supported the transaction of intellectual property for licenses and collaborative research.
・Lived in the United States for more than a year and participated in patent infringement cases.
・Currently searching for the lawyer's role in the measures against dementia and aging society.