Membership and billing

How do I apply for membership? What are the procedures?
  • Please refer to the Special Membership types (A, B, and C) on the Special Membership page and download the membership application form, membership application form summary, and questionnaire from the Membership Application page. We can also send you application materials by mail if you desire.
  • Complete the requisite fields and have a representative sign or stamp them accordingly, then return them to LINK-J via e-mail or postal mail.
  • After we receive your application form, LINK-J will contact you to schedule a meeting (either in-person or online) for membership orientation and to provide details on the facilities.
  • On the day of your orientation, come to the reception desk on the third floor of the Nihonbashi Life Science Building with the original copy of a signed or stamped membership application. (For online orientation, these documents can be mailed.)
  • If, after the orientation session, you consent to the objectives and terms of service of LINK-J, we will notify you with details via e-mail regarding payment of initial fees and annual dues. Special Members A and B will also receive an e-mail regarding submission of application forms for booking conference rooms. We will then mail you your membership card via postal mail.
  • Please pay your initial fees and annual dues on a later date, as indicated by LINK-J. (Special Members A and B will receive a billing statement; Special Members C is to pay by credit card.)
  • Once your payment of initial fees and annual dues is confirmed, this concludes the registration process.
    Please also refer to the Membership Application page.
How much are initial fees and annual dues?
It varies by the type of membership.
For details, please refer to the Special Membership page.
What are the dates and methods of payment of initial fees and annual dues?
Special Members A and B (corporate members):
We mail billing statements around the 15th of the month following the month in which you enrolled. Please make payment by the stated deadline after you receive your statement.
Around February-March each year, we mail statements for annual dues.

Special Member C (individuals):
Within about one week after registration, we will contact you at the e-mail address you provided with a URL for credit card payment.
Please complete payment on that page by the stated deadline.
Annual dues thereafter are automatically debited from your credit card in March every year.
Please tell me how and when to pay for the facilities, such as conference rooms.
We total your use of facilities from the 21st of a given month to the 20th of the following month and issue billing statements on the 1st of each month for the corresponding period.
Please make payment by the last day of the month in which the statement arrives.
Use on July 10th -> Invoice sent on August 1st -> Payment due by August 31st
Use on July 22nd -> Invoice sent on September 1st -> Payment due by September 31st
Do you issue estimates and itemized invoices for initial fees and annual dues?
Yes, we do.
Inquiries about initial fees and annual dues should be addressed to the Nihonbashi Life Science Hub reception desk.
To where should I remit payment?
If you desire, we can notify you in advance with details on the name and account number of the account to remit payment to.
Inquiries about initial fees, annual dues, and fees for use of conference rooms and other facilities should be addressed to the Nihonbashi Life Science Hub reception desk.
What other documents besides the application form will I need to submit?
Please provide originals or photocopies of the following documents.

Required documents:
Special Members A and B: Certificate of All Matters, company pamphlets, web site, business cards
Special Member C: driver's license, student ID, employee ID, staff ID, etc.
Foreign companies and their Japanese subsidiaries: We require submission of financial statements and relevant information; please contact LINK-J for details.
What services and benefits does membership entitle me to?
Common benefits shared by Special Members A, B, and C:
  • Participation in events and programs hosted by LINK-J (at special member prices)
  • Use of member-exclusive communication lounges (free of charge)
  • Use of shared offices (by application; monthly fees applied)
  • Assistance communicating and interacting with members
  • Discussions, consultation, and advice from LINK-J supporters

Special Members A and B:
  • Private use of conference rooms and communication lounges
  • Use of temporary working rooms at special member prices
  • Announcement of events and programs you host
  • Posting information on web site (Shared Bulletin Board)
  • Posting of company or organization name on LINK-J web site
Are there any services available to non-members?
We offer many events and programs in which non-members can participate.
Event details and application instructions can be found on the Events page.
If you register for event notification e-mails, we will send you event information on a regular basis. Event information is also posted on the LINK-J social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter).
Is one-day membership available?
There is no membership offered for one day only.
If an organization with its own members (an association, academic society, etc.) becomes a LINK-J member, will its members also be considered LINK-J members?
Membership is only offered to the applying organization, not its constituent members.
When can I use my membership card? Can I receive additional cards?
Cards are used to unlock access to the communication lounges. A single card can allow up to five people to enter.
Each Special Member A receives 10 membership cards, each Special Member B receives 5 membership cards, and each Special Member C receives 1 membership card at the time of member registration.
Up to 10 additional cards for a Special Member A and up to 5 additional cards for a Special Member B are available for a fee.
Can someone who is not Japanese and does not speak Japanese become a member? Do you offer services in English?
Yes, membership is available to non-Japanese, and English-language support is provided. Most events and programs are carried out in Japanese, but some are conducted in English or offered with simultaneous interpreting.

Conference Rooms, Communication Lounges, Temporary Working Rooms, and Shared Offices

Can these facilities be used by Special Members C (individuals)?
Special Members C can make use of communication lounges and shared offices (monthly fees apply).
Use of conference rooms and private use of communication lounges, and use temporary working rooms, are only provided to Special Members A and B.
How can I book and use these rooms?
We offer an online booking system.
If you request the use of these rooms at the time of registration as a member, we will issue you a special ID you can use to make reservations. This allows you to log in to the system to check availability and book rooms.
Note that a separate application is required for use of temporary working rooms. Please contact the Nihonbashi Life Science Hub reception desk for details.
Additional information about use of the facilities can be found on the following web sites.

Nihonbashi Life Science Business Center
Do the communication lounges offer beverages and other services?
The members-only areas of communication lounges on the 10th floor of the Nihonbashi Life Science Building provide free coffee and other beverages, as well as nuts and other snacks (100 JPY). You will also find vending machines on each floor for use in between meetings.
Can communication lounges be used as study rooms for extended periods of time?
The lounges are intended to promote open innovation and communication among members, so they should not be used for purposes other than those intended.
Is Wi-Fi available?
Wi-Fi is available at the Nihonbashi Life Science Hub and the Nihonbashi Life Science Building. Please ask the reception desk for the security key.

Member-hosted events

What types of events and programs can we host? Can we use the facilities for private meetings?
The facilities are intended for content that promotes the life sciences sector.
So, please refrain from having internal meetings, recruitment, and other unrelated meetings to the life sciences.
Is there a limit on maximum usage?
Each member can use the conference rooms for up to 1,000 hours per year, exclusively use the communication lounges up to 50 times per year, and use the temporary working rooms up to 80 days per year.
Can you provide support for events organized by LINK-J members, such as making announcements and attracting visitors?
We can assist in notifying other LINK-J members of your event or program, provided the content is in line with our objectives of promoting the growth of the life sciences sector.
This includes posting on our web site (Events Page, Shared Bulletin Board), announcement in periodic e-mail newsletters, listing on posters in the communication lounges, and on digital signage in the Life Science Building. For details, please refer to the Special Member Events terms of service.
Can conference rooms be used by members of an organization (such as an association or academic society) or affiliated or group companies of a member company?
These rooms are intended for use by the LINK-J member organization itself, not its affiliates.
Please refrain from making these spaces available to your constituent members, affiliates, or group companies.
Can I hold an event that charges entry fees?
Yes. The event organizer has responsibility for managing the fee.
Can I hold sales events?
We do not allow any events that are attended by unspecified large numbers of people.
Are café or catering services available?
We can refer you to various catering companies for party platters, box lunches, and other catering services.
Please contact us Catering Services page.

Event and program participation

What types of events and programs are offered? Can a non-member participate? What are the entry fees?
Events and programs are intended to promote open innovation and growth of the life sciences sector, and many are open to non-members.
Entry fees, and other details vary depending on the event or program. Please refer to the Events page.

Interaction with supporters and other LINK-J stakeholders as a member

How can I meet with a LINK-J supporter for a discussion?
Please contact us by e-mail and we will check with the supporter at your request.
*Note that we may be unable to accommodate some requests. Thank you for your understanding.
Can you refer me to individual members, corporate groups, universities, etc.?
Please contact LINK-J by e-mail for each individual case.
*Note that we may be unable to accommodate some requests. Thank you for your understanding.
What types of consultations do you provide?
LINK-J supporters include those with entrepreneurial experience and those with extensive knowledge in diverse fields such as research and development, management, law, and finance. Please contact LINK-J and we will refer you to an appropriate supporter.

In addition, every Friday we hold "Out of Box Counseling," where you can freely discuss your research or ideas about the pharmaceutical or health care services. We encourage you to book an appointment and join us there.
Can I select my own supporter? Or does LINK-J recommend one?
This is handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the contents of your request.