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Message from the Chairman of the Board

The life sciences constitute an interdisciplinary nexus linking all areas of scientific endeavor.
Actively promoting collaboration with outside specialists can be extremely valuable.

Chairman of the Board Hideyuki Okano

Hideyuki Okano

Chairman of the Board

With progress in the life sciences, come improvements in human health. Despite the large numbers of people suffering from cancer and intractable conditions as well as the major risks posed to global health by infectious diseases, humanity continues to advance, overcoming sickness and preventing outbreaks.

Japan is world renowned for leading basic research in the life sciences, yet the insights gained do not often readily lead to practical applications. In the highly specialized field of regenerative medicine, however, collaboration between industry, government, and academia is spurring rapid progress in this direction. We believe developments in regenerative medicine are opening up exciting opportunities in other life science fields to devise such practical applications.

The life sciences constitute an interdisciplinary nexus linking all areas of scientific endeavor. They encompass medicine, the natural sciences, and engineering; such new technologies as IT and AI; and even social sciences and ethics. Reflecting this breadth of disciplines, it is not uncommon for insights or novel solutions to problems that have been exhaustively examined under a specialist lens to emerge from disparate fields. All individuals and disciplines have their limitations. Therefore, actively promoting collaboration with outside specialists in solving problems can be extremely valuable.

The establishment of the general incorporated association Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J) in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district, where the business interests of pharmaceutical and other life science industry players converge, creates the optimal environment to foster genuine exchanges between individuals across specialties. Potential partners range from universities and academic associations to startups, major global corporations, and various other companies as well as industrial groups, overseas institutions, and other major industry players. We believe that new value will continue to be created through the congregation, interaction, and cooperation of these partners in diverse fields, including drug discovery, medical equipment, and digital health. As the chairman of LINK-J, I am committed to helping people around the world live healthier lives.