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Special Membership Directory

  • The 22nd Century Cutting-Edge Medical IT Organization
    Non-profit association that provides education for healthcare professionals

    Education for doctors and healthcare professionals

  • 3H Medi Solution Inc.
    Healthcare IT company

    Trial patient recruitment related business / website support related business / marketing related business/ Management and planning of healthcare events /IT solutions/Development and of management system

  • A&Z Law Firm
    Law firm

    Provision of legal services

  • Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading Co., Ltd
    General trading company

    Automobiles/industrial machines and components; construction and real property; everyday commodities; environment and energy; operation and management of a dealer for Lexus; healthcare

  • tenant
    Abiomed Japan K.K.
    Manufacture and sales of medical devices

    Scheduled to sell cardiac pump catheters for circulatory assistance after gaining approval under the drug law and insurance coverage

  • Academic Industry Research Inc.
    Academic research

    Coordination, management, etc. associated with industry-academia-government

  • ACTmed Co., Ltd.
    Genetic analysis

    Genetic analysis

  • ADTHREE Publishing Co., Ltd.
    Publishing industry

    Publishing service, event service, academic conference secretariat service, IT service

  • Advanced Gerontology In Next Generation Japan (AGING Japan)
    Liaison center for aging innovation

    Start-up seminar and support

  • tenant
    AETAS Pharma Co., Ltd.

    Research and development and licensing of pharmaceuticals

  • Agatha Inc.
    IT service

    Development and sale of document management cloud service for the life science/healthcare industry

  • Aikomi Inc.
    Manufacturing and information communications

    Development, manufacture and sale of nursing care equipment using electronic technology

  • Alfresa Corporation
    Wholesale business of ethical drug

    Wholesale distribution of ethical drug, medical device, reagent for medical test, nursing care product, health food, OCT pharmaceuticals, etc.

  • tenant
    Alliance Forum Foundation
    General incorporated foundation

    Development of new industries, research on new capitalism, and support for international cooperation

  • tenant
    AnexAPep Inc.
    AnexAPep Inc.
    Research and development of ethical drug

    Research and development of anticancer agent

  • Antaa Co., Ltd.

    Providing information to physicians

  • tenant
    Aoyama Gakuin School Corporation


  • APRINOIA Therapeutics Inc.

    Novel imaging-based diagnostic tools and novel therapies development for neurodegenerative diseases


    Accounting and business

  • tenant
    Asajes Ventures
    Asajes Ventures
    Venture capital

    Investing in pharmaceutical startups

  • Asia Africa Investment and Consulting Pte. Ltd. (AAIC)
    Funding private equity/Fund management/Overseas expansion consulting

    Funding healthcare business and mentoring

  • tenant
    Asia MedMarket Access(AMMA)

    Medical devices, Market entry, Business development Agency business and M&A

  • Association of Disclosure Business Official Approval
    Implementation of qualification tests

    Implementation of qualification tests

  • Astellas Pharma Inc.
    Manufacture of medicine

    Manufacture, sales and import/export of medicine

  • tenant
    Axil Capital Advisors KK/ Axil Capital Partners LLP
    Investment management business

    Life Science Venture Capital

  • tenant
    Bachem Japan K.K.
    Contract manufacturing organization (CMO)

    Development, manufacture, and sales of peptidic drug substance to be used in ethical drugs and animal drugs

  • Baker & McKenzie
    Law firm

    Legal Services

  • tenant
    Beyond Next Ventures
    Finance industry

    Venture capital

  • tenant
    BioARC Co. Ltd.
    BioARC Co. Ltd.
    Manufacturing and sales of medical devices

    Research and development and manufacturing and sales of medical devices

    Nonprofit life science trade association

    Nonprofit life science trade association

  • Biodesign Japan

    Support for human resource program to develop medical device innovation leaders

  • tenant
    Biogen Japan Ltd.

    Manufacture, import/export and sales of medicine and medical devices

  • tenant
    BioLite Japan K.K.
    Biotech bioengineering and biotechnology

    International business development of new medicines and new medical devices

  • tenant
    Biomedical Solutions Inc.
    Development and manufacture of medical devices

    Design and development of medical devices for endovascular therapy (stents and others)

  • Bioshoot Co., Ltd.

    Development, production, and supply of vaccines

  • tenant
    Biospire Japan Ltd.

    Promotion of the globalization of life science businesses

  • BIOTUBE Co., Ltd.
    Manufacture and sales of medical device

    Development and manufacture and sales of medical device

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Japan, Inc.
    Pharmaceutical company

    Manufacture and sales of ethical drugs

  • Bourbon Biomedical Advanced Research Laboratories,Inc.
    Bourbon Biomedical Advanced Research Laboratories,Inc.
    Manufacturing industry

    Research and development, manufacture and sale of reagents

  • Business Model Innovation Association (BMIA)
    Promotion of business model innovation

    Management of seminars, events and communities, information distribution and consulting

  • Career Incubation, Inc.
    Fee-based job-search services

    Fee-based job-search services

  • tenant
    Carna Health Support LLC
    Health service

    Provision of health instruction services to health insurance subscribers, companies, and local governments
    (prevention of increase in severity, specific health instruction, antismoking education, and other)

  • Cellusion Inc.

    R&D, manufacturing, and sales of corneal cell replacement products for the treatment of bullous keratopathy

  • Chiome Bioscience Inc.

    Drug discovery and support for drug discovery of antibody drugs and others

  • tenant
    Chordia Therapeutics Inc.

    Research and clinical development of medicine

  • Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing industry

    Manufacture, sales and import/ export of ethical drugs

  • CM Plus Corporation


  • CN Bio Innovations Ltd.
    Cell biology, toxicology, long-time analysis

    Commercialisation of organs-on-chip devices.

  • tenant
    Commons for Medicine and Engineering Japan (COME Japan)
    Medical services

    Support for development of medical devices

  • tenant
    Cuorips Inc.

    Research, development and commercialization of iPS cell-derived cardiomyocyte sheets.

  • CureApp, Inc.
    Development of medical devices

    Development of program medical devices

  • Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.

    Research, development, manufacturing and marketing of Prescription pharmaceuticals

  • Decision Resources Japan K.K.
    Information service industry

    Leading healthcare research and consulting company providing high-value healthcare industry analysis and insights

  • tenant
    Deep Intelligent Pharma
    Software service

  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

    Accounting audit, consulting

  • tenant
    Delta-Fly Pharma, Inc.
    Pharmaceutical industry

    Development of medicine

  • Demen Care LABORATORY Co., Ltd.
    Demen Care LABORATORY Co., Ltd.

    Research and development of pharmaceutical products

  • Denka Company Limited
    Chemical manufacturers

    Manufacture and sales of elastomers & performance plastics, infrastructure and social solution, electronics & innovative products, living & environment products, life innovation products

  • DENTSU Inc.
    Advertising industry

    Communication-related integrated solutions and such services as management and business consulting

  • tenant
    DIA Japan
    Other profit organization

    Science information regarding medical care, holding meetings and seminars regarding technology and exchange of people

  • Digital Garage, Inc.
    Information and communication service industry

    Internet business and related business including settlement, advertising, venture investment including biotechnology/healthcare

  • tenant
    DyDo Pharma, Inc.

    Prescription pharmaceutical products

  • tenant
    Epigeneron Inc.
    Drug development, drug development support business

    Drug development, drug development support business

  • Epsilon Molecular Engineering, Inc.
    Drug research and development

    Drug development business and contracted drug development business

  • Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC
    Service industry

    Audit, advisory services and other services

  • Essence Co., Ltd.

    Pro partner business (referral service of professionals), recruiting business (headhunting and referral service), overseas study business (overseas training service)

  • Exemedical Co., Ltd
    Other service industry

    Business consulting service/ agency service/ IT consulting service

  • Fast Track Initiative, Inc.

    Operation and management of investment partnerships' properties

  • FIMECS, Inc.
    Research and development of medicine

    Own drug discovery research using pathogenicity proteolytic mechanism and licensing services

  • tenant
    Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine (FIRM)
    Trade (industrial) association regarding regenerative medicine

    Activities aiming at promoting industrialization of regenerative medicine (proposal to the government and others, creation of voluntary standards and others)

  • Fourglobe Inc.
    Internet content production

    Internet content produce

  • tenant
    Fujimi Venture Partners Ltd.
    Fujimi Venture Partners Ltd.
    Professional and technical services

    Advisory services, etc.

    Electrical equipment

    Telecommunications systems, information systems, electronic devices

  • tenant
    Fukushima Medical University
    Education and learning support (municipal university corporation)

    Education, research, and social contribution

  • tenant
    FuturedMe Co. Ltd.

    Development of chemical knockdown drug discovery fundamental technology in the area of target proteins

  • tenant
    Gastheos Pharma Inc.
    Gastheos Pharma Inc.
    Manufacture and sales of medicine

    Development of bioactive substance ghrelin

  • tenant
    General Incorporated Associations Health Care Stability and Regional Economy Vitalization Forum
    Provision of information for members

    Holding forums all over Japan, research on health care stability and regional economy vitalization

  • General incorporated corporation Shirankai
    Life science-related services

    Promotion of business-academic activities and aid for academic research and educational development in the medical field

  • GFE corporation
    Architectural design office

    Planning, designing and consulting medical company's research facilities and manufacturing facilities

    Consulting business

    Consulting on expansion of medical device business, etc. into the US and US FDA

  • GlyTech, Inc.
    Ethical drug, manufacture

    Licensing business (glycosylation peptide, protein), contracted research and development, contracted synthesis/manufacture, sale of standard product

  • tenant
    GNI Ltd.

    Research and development of pharmaceuticals

  • tenant
    GOF Inc.
    GOF Inc.
    Consulting and financial advisor services

    Consulting and financial advisor services

  • tenant
    Goryo Chemical, Inc.
    Chemical industry

    Sale of functional fluorescence probe/contracted synthesis/development of a navigation drug using functional fluorescence probe

  • tenant
    Graduate School of Medicine/ Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University

    Education and research

    Law firm

    Legal assistance for venture companies and other companies in general

  • Hakuju Owned Life Co., Ltd.
    Hakuju Owned Life Co., Ltd.
    Health information service industry

    Establishment and sales of platforms specializing in health

    IT / Communications / Robotics

    Development, manufacturing, and sales of interactive AI (artificial intelligence) and small general-purpose robots for healthcare and nursing

  • Heraeus K.K.
    Manufacturing industry

    Manufacture and sales of precious metal materials, products,medical instruments and parts

  • Himuka AM Pharma Corp.
    Drug discovery venture

    Research and development of pharmaceuticals

  • Hiroshima University
    Education and research related

    Education, research and social contributions

    Biological diagnosis research

    R&D, manufacturing, sale of cancer diagnosis inspection instrument using nematode and nematode olfactory sensors

  • Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Chemical manufacturers

    Manufacture and sales of functional materials, advanced components and systems, and others

  • Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.
    Refrigeration machine/temperature adjustment/equipment manufacture

    Development, manufacture and sales of kitchen/home appliances, lighting/housing equipment, and sales/service of refrigeration/air conditioning products

  • HMT, Inc.
    HMT, Inc.
    Service industry

    Medical consulting, fee-charging employment placement

  • tenant

    Manufacture and sales of scientific and technological calculation

  • tenant
    Human Life CORD Japan Inc.
    Development of medical supplies and equipment

    Development of regenerative medicine field

  • Human Metabolome Technologies Inc.
    Service industry

    The Company supports research and development activities for drug discovery, etc. using its metabolome analysis technologies.
    It also develops biomarkers and diagnostic agents.

  • tenant
    IBJ, Inc.
    Enhancing to establish university endowment

    Strengthening financial management capabilities of university, Advising asset management of university, Operating the Laboratory for Intellectual Innovation

  • iEducation (general incorporated association)
    iEducation (general incorporated association)
    Support of a start-ups/new business development

    Support/assessment of medical start-ups, support for new business development, and management of community

  • tenant
    INDEE Japan Ltd.
    Innovation Consulting

    Acceleration and Growth

  • tenant
    Institute for Health Outcomes & Process Evaluation Research (iHope)
    Research institute

    Research and education related to medical science and medical care and their promotional activities

  • institute of Sound Sleep Science (iSSS)

    Providing information on sleep health science/dissemination activities/Human resource development.
    Development of sleep related sensors
    Health care business consulting

  • Integrity Healthcare co.,ltd.
    Healthcare IT

    Provision of technology-based disease management system

  • iPS PORTAL Inc.
    Consulting related to iPS cells

    Disease iPS business (national strategic special zone business), iPS cell-related entrusted business, device/reagent assessment entrusted business, consulting business, education/training business

  • Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K.

    Development, manufacture, advertising, sale, export, and import of medicinal drugs, quasi-drugs, and other related products

  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
    National Research and Development Agency

    Research and Development in the field of aerospace exploration

  • tenant
    Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)
    Public organization

    Support for drug discovery

  • Japan Association of Site Management Organizations
    Site management organization

    Support and promotion of institutions conducting clinical study/research

  • tenant
    Japan Biological Informatics Consortium (JBIC)
    Bio related incorporated association

    Survey, research and development, dissemination, educational activities and others regarding informatics of biotechnology and bio industry

  • tenant
    Japan CRO Association
    Clinical Research Organization

    Supporting and promoting clinical trials

  • Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation (JAMSS)
    Space utilization/service

    Support for operation/use in ISS, education/training, safety development assurance, promotion of space utilization in private sector

  • Japan Medical Engineering Institute

  • Japan Microbiome Consortium (JMBC)
    Nonprofit consortium

    Preparation of recommended protocols for microbiome analysis and preparation of related guidelines. Planning and implementation of a health biomark microbio database construction. Development and sharing of data analysis method. Various public relations activities aimed at spreading and promoting micro biome research. Information exchange activities between academia, related organizations and companies. Human resource development in Micro biome and data science research.

  • Japan Ophthalmic Instruments Association
    Industry organization of ophthalmic instruments

    commercial exhibition, notification of industrial agreements to members, suggestion to the administration, maintaining product standards

  • tenant
    Japan Research Institute, Limited
    Information service

    Think tank, consulting, and IT solutions

  • Japan Selfcare PromotionAssociation(JSPA)
    Japan Selfcare PromotionAssociation(JSPA)
    Non-profit Organization

    Activities related to the promotion of self-care

  • Japan Society of Clinical Trials and Research
    Medical society

    Organizing academic general meetings, educational seminars, and qualification tests

  • Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Engineering (JSPME)
    Pharmaceutical industry

    Holding all kinds of training workshops, lectures and committee activities

  • Japan Spinal Cord Foundation
    Welfare Service

    Support and provision of information to patients with spinal cord injuries and healthcare personnel involved in the treatment of spinal cord injuries, and the promotion of medical research in nerve regeneration

  • tenant
    Japanese Federation of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry Workers' Unions
    Japanese Federation of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry Workers' Unions

    Federation of in-house workers' unions in the pharmaceutical/cosmetics industry

  • Japanese Medical Specialty Board
    Non-profit general incorporated association

    Certification of medical specialists

  • tenant
    Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development, Inc. (JOMDD)
    Manufacture of medical devices and medical products

    Development of medical devices

  • Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
    Academic society

    Operating academic meetings, educational activities, publishing academic journals and books and research, investigation and subsidy for anti-aging research

  • JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
    Pharmaceutical industry

    R&D, manufacture and sales of
    medicines and regenerative
    medical products

  • JITSUBO Co.,Ltd.
    Drug research (peptide)

    Research and development of peptide drugs

  • tenant
    Manufacturing industry

    Development and manufacture of electronic device and film processing, Development, planning, and manufacture, etc. of medical device related to healthcare equipment

  • Jolly Good Inc.
    Research and development of latest technology

    VR research and development, provision of VR solutions

  • Juntendo University

    Education and medical research

  • K Pharma Inc.

    R&D for regenerative medicine and therapeutic drugs

    Patent office

    Agent/support for acquisition of patent rights, assessment, license, and lawsuit related to patents/trademarks

  • Kanagawa University of Human Services


  • National University Corporation Kanazawa University

    Education, research and social contributions

  • Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc.
    Finance industry

    Venture capital

  • tenant
    Keio University
    Academic research, education

    Practice and research of social innovation

  • tenant
    KinoPharma, Inc.
    Drug discovery

    Research and development and providing new low molecular clinical drugs targeting protein phosphorylation of enzymes

  • KINTARO Cells Power Co.
    Manufacturing business/research and development

    Manufacture, and research and development of marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell KINTARO cell

  • Kitaie company
    Human resource education and personnel introduction service

    University student career education and medical staff introduction service

  • Kowa Campany.Ltd

    OTC, production of prescription drugs, renewable energy power systems

  • tenant
    Kyoto University
    National university corporation

    Education, research and contribution to society

  • Kyoto University Original Co., Ltd.
    Business‐academic consulting/ educational services

    Consulting and business‐academic support services, training and lecture services utilizing research results from Kyoto University

  • tenant
    Kyushu University

  • tenant
    LiberoThera Co., Ltd.
    Drug discovery venture

    Research and development of pharmaceuticals

  • tenant
    LibraMedicina company
    Research and development support and licensing of medicines

    Synthesis, production of biopharmaceuticals, safety, clinical trial consignment

  • Locust Walk Japan, LLC
    Consulting services

    Transaction advisory business on technology introduction/licensing-out , M&A, and financing for pharmaceutical companies

  • tenant
    LUCA Science Inc.
    Medicine/ethical drug, bio

    Development of new therapy for mitochondrial diseases and related diseases

  • M Bio Technology Inc.
    Bio drug discovery

    Research and development of vaccines and antibodies against Mycoplasma infectious diseases and provision of cutting-edge preventive (pre-symptomatic) care

  • Marubeni Corporation
    General trading company

  • Matsumoto Global Foundation
    General Incorporated Foundation

  • Matsumoto Trading Co., Ltd.
    Wholesale industry

    Sales, development and safe testing of cosmetic and healthy food raw materials

  • Medical Collective Intelligence Co., Ltd.
    Specialized services (consulting)

    Customized marketing support for pharmaceutical companies

  • Medical Network System (MNES)
    Medical service industry

    Remote imaging service, provision of medical support cloud services, development of AI in medical support, support for radiologists / pathologists opening business

  • Medicast, Inc.
    Information and communication service industry

    Development of media planning and provision of information concerning the medical industry, medical services, health and others

  • Medilabo RFP, Inc.
    Chemical manufacturers and Industry

    Development of medicine and medical devices

  • MedPeer, Inc.
    Internet services (for medical doctors)

    Management of social media for medical doctors

  • tenant
    Medrio Japan Inc.
    Software service

    Business development related to software/service to collect clinical study data, customer support, consulting, and marketing

  • MedVenture Partners, Inc.
    Finance and investment

    Administrative operation of medical device incubation fund

  • MedVision Corporation
    Academic research and specialized technology services

    Construction and operation of surgical simulation centers

  • Melody International Ltd.

    Development and sale of medical devices, software, and other related services

  • tenant
    Mentis Cura Japan K.K.
    Development of medical devices

    Development of medical software using electroencephalography technology

  • tenant
    MeSCue JANUSYS Corporation
    Manufacturing industry

    Contract of manufacturing, research and development of regenerative medicine and peptide

  • Metcela Inc.
    Life science

    Research and development of regenerative medicine-related products for heart failure

  • Miibio, Inc.
    Miibio, Inc.

    Development and sales of test animal and medical-related tool, utilization of intellectual property

  • tenant
    MinaCare Co., Ltd.
    Other specialized services

    Consulting using medical information

  • Mindful Health Co., Ltd.
    Healthcare business

    Provision of health programs, corporate training and seminars for lifestyle disease prevention using mindfulness

  • tenant
    Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. (MRI)
    Counsulting and IT service

    Consulting and IT service

  • Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation
    Manufacture of medicine

    Manufacture and sales of medicine

  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited

    Insurance against loss

  • Mizuho Securities Principal Investment Co., Ltd.
    Finance industry

    Principal Investment

  • tenant
    Momotaro-Gene Inc.
    biotech start-up company

    Development of medical supplies

  • tenant
    Murata Associates, Inc.
    Management consulting

    New business planning and consulting on commercialization

  • tenant
    MUSCA Inc.

    Using insect technologies to dispose of organic waste as well as manufacture and sell fertilizer/feed

  • tenant
    Mvex. Inc.
    Mvex. Inc.
    Research and Development

    Development of cell therapies that harness cell culture extracts such as exosomes

  • National Cancer Center Hospital East NEXT Medicine Device innovation Center

    Medical care and research of cancer and other malignant neoplasms

  • National Institutes of Natural Sciences
    Education and research

    Basic research in the natural sciences

  • tenant
    National University Corporation Hokkaido University
    National university corporation

    Education and research

  • National university corporation Nagoya University

    Education, research, and contribution to society

  • NeU Corporation
    Information service

    Provision of presymptomatic disease and health care solutions utilizing brain medicine

  • New World Company Inc.
    Manufacture and retail sale of shoes, development of foot app (to be applied to healthcare)

    Operation of FAMZON

  • Newing NPO Corporation
    PRO (Patient Recruit Organization)

    Recruitment of subjects for clinical trials

  • Newton Biocapital Partners
    Venture capital

    Venture capital

  • tenant
    Nexredge, Inc.
    Ethical drug, regeneration medicine, pharmaceutical affairs service

    Drug development support, engineering, pharmaceutical affairs support

  • tenant
    Nihonbashi Institute of Health Research Co., Ltd.

    Commissioned operation of occupational safety and health legislation business, related investigation research

  • Nikon CeLL innovation Co., Ltd.

    Commissioned development and contract manufacturing of cells for regenerative medicine and gene therapy

  • Nippon Medical School

    Education, research, medical care

  • Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
    Information and communications service

    Development of NTT Group's overall management strategy and promotion of basic research and development

  • Nobelpharma Co., Ltd.
    Pharmaceutical industry

    Research, development, manufacture and sales of medicine

  • North American Science Associates, Inc. (NAMSA)
    Commissioned testing and clinical research institute

    Provision of testing and consulting services to medical device-related companies

  • notocord Corporation
    Information service industry

    Education, publishing and editing business in the medical and nursing industries

  • NS Materials Inc.
    Manufacturing industry

    •Development, manufacture and sales of testing and measurement-related instruments
    •Research, development, manufacture and sales of nanosized particle materials

  • Oishi kenko Inc.

    IT-driven healthcare business and life media business

  • tenant
    Oita University

    Research and development of new drugs

  • Oita University Institute of Advanced Medicine, Inc.
    Drug discovery

    Research and development of pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, as well as the commissioned R&D and sales of products

  • Olympus Corporation
    Manufacture and sales of precision machines and instruments

    Manufacture and sales of precision machines and instruments

    Manufacturing industry

    Manufacture, sales, research and development of medical devices

  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical

    Manufacture and sales of Prescription pharmaceuticals, nutrition products and cosmetics

  • Oxford Nanopore Technologies

    Export, import, and sale of molecular analysis equipment

  • P.J. Parker K.K.
    Distribution service of intellectual property

    Sale and purchase and licensing of intellectual property

  • tenant
    Patient Driven Academic League
    Investigation research and information service industry

    Research on health and medicine and database services

  • Pfizer Japan Inc.

    Manufacture, sales, and import/export of prescription pharmaceuticals

  • Pharma Business Academy Ltd.
    Education and consulting

    Pharmaceutical marketing training and education / consulting

  • tenant
    Pharmaceutical Development Support Center
    Non-profit corporation

    Support for development concerning unapproved medicine and others

  • PHC Holdings Corporation
    Development, manufacture and sale of healthcare equipment and related services

    Medical, healthcare IT, and life sciences equipment manufacturer

  • tenant
    Phosphorus Industry Development Organization of Japan
    Phosphorus Industry Development Organization of Japan

    Promotion of the advances in the phosphorus cycling Industry, survey technology/business consultation, public awareness activity related to LINK-J

  • tenant
    Power Jinzai Co., Ltd.
    Corporate services (human resources, etc.)

    Personnel introduction service to companies in medical industry

  • tenant
    Promethera Biosciences SA

    Development and commercialization of liver cell-based medicines for a variety of liver diseases

  • tenant
    Public University Corporation Yokohama City University

    Education, research, and healthcare

  • tenant
    Quantum Biosystems Inc.
    Research or survey

    Research and development of DNA sequencers

  • Remohab Inc.
    Manufacture and sales of medical device

    Manufacture and sales of medical device

  • Renascience Co., Ltd.
    Research and development of medicine

    Research and development of medicine

  • tenant
    Repertoire Genesis Inc.

    Development support of new diagnostic method/treatment method based on immune diversity analysis

  • Research Coordinate, Inc.
    Service industry

    Research support

  • tenant
    Revorf Co., Ltd.
    Revorf Co., Ltd.
    Development of Medical Supplies

    Planning, R&D, manufacturing, and sales of medical supplies and quasi-drugs

  • Ricoh Company, Ltd.
    Office equipment

    Manufacture and sales of complex machines, commercial printing machines, and optical equipment, IT service

  • tenant
    Comprehensive research institution for natural science

    Research in physics, engineering, chemistry, computational science, biology, medical science and others

  • Robotic Biology Institute Inc.
    Management and development of equipment

    Management, development and contract work on facilities for life science experimental work robots

  • Sakura Global Holding Co., Ltd.
    Health care company

    Manufacture and sale of medical equipmen

  • SAMURAI Biotech Association

  • SanBio Company Limited
    Manufacturing industry

    Development, production and sales of regenerative cell medicines

  • Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing industry

    Research, development, manufacture and sales of medicine and medical devices

  • tenant
    Save Medical Corporation
    Save Medical Corporation
    Medical device, healthcare IT

    Planning, development, and sale of medical devices and medical care systems

  • Science, Art & Research for Reconstruction (SARR, LLC.)
    Consulting services

    Commercialization of R&D at universities, research institutes and corporations, entrepreneurship support and entrepreneurship education and training, and others

  • tenant GK
    Life Science

    Connect buyers nad suppliers of research services

  • Shin Nippon Air Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Plumbing business

    Design, supervision and contract constructions of air conditioners, heating and cooling systems, ventilation systems, water supply and drainage systems, sanitary equipment and others

  • Shinkowa Pharma Corp.
    Retail industry, etc.

    Retail service, etc.

  • Shokuno-Okusuri, Inc.
    Health care

    Meal Kit Delivery Service

  • Single Cell Technology Inc.
    Import/sales of laboratory equipment

    Import/sales of laboratory instruments and related products, provision of contracted research services

  • tenant
    SK Management Ltd.
    SK Management Ltd.

    Consulting related to investments in ventures involved in life science

  • SleepTechne Co., Ltd.

    Consulting on sleep improvement

  • Social Emergence School
    Social education, research and development and consulting

    Management of Social Emergence School. Incubation and consulting support for new business development

  • SoundFun Inc.
    Development, manufacture, and sales of sound equipment (barrier-free speaker)

    Development, manufacture, and sales of "Mirai Speaker"to achieve "barrier-free" sound

    Service industry

    Sleep measurement and EEG analysis using device and AI

    General trading company

  • Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co., Ltd.
    Pharmaceutical industry

    Prescription pharmaceuticals, food ingredients and chemical product materials, animal health products and diagnostics, and research materials

  • tenant
    Sustainable Medicine, Inc.
    Medical practice

    Development of medical devices

  • Suzuka University of Medical Science

    University education and research

  • Sysmex Corporation
    Medical devices

    Development, manufacture, sale, and export of laboratory test device, reagent for test, and related software

  • Taiho Innovation LLC
    Taiho Innovation LLC
    Venture capital

    Investment in and development of healthcare services in Japan

  • Taisei Corporation
    Construction industry

    Building works, civil engineering works, designing and construction works

  • Taiwan Carbon Nano Technology Corporation
    Chemical material and Biotechnology

    R&D, manufacturing and trading of precision chemical materials, industrial additives, electronic components and medical electronic devices. Energy technology support.

  • Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRPMA)
    Taiwan Life Science lndustry Trade Association

    Innovation Driver, International Collaboration Partnership

  • Taiyo Life Insurance Company
    Life insurance business

    Insurance and insurance-related business

  • Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Manufacture of medicine

    Manufacture, sales and import/export of medicine, quasi‐drugs and others

  • Takenaka Corporation
    Construction industry

    Construction and development business

  • Teeth Alignment Medical Corporation

    Provision, education, research and development of dental treatment and comprehensive orthodontic dentistry

  • Teijin Pharma Limited.
    Research and development, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceuticals and medical devices

    "Pharmaceutical business" and "home medical care business" (in the three fields, "bone and joint", "respiratory apparatus" and "metabolic and cardiovascular organs")

  • The Association for Preventive Medicine of Japan
    Medical health services

    Foundation business related to occupational health

  • The Center for Healthy Longevity Research and Education
    The Center for Healthy Longevity Research and Education
    Health, medical care and welfare

    Organizing workshops and seminars on health enhancement and healthy life expectancy, research and provision of information and other related activities with the aim to develop a society with health and longevity through the spread of anti-aging and preventive medicine

  • tenant
    The Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Associations of JAPAN (FPMAJ)

    Investigation of industry-common matters and working to innovate company operations as well as to promote pharmaceutical technology and others

  • tenant
    The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA)
    Private organization of pharmaceutical companies

    Conducts surveys and research regarding various issues in the pharmaceutical industry, and makes propositions to related administrative institutions and organizations.

  • The Japanese Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine (JAPhMed)
    Academic society

    Holding lectures and seminars on a regular basis

  • tenant
    The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine (JSRM)
    Academic society

    Exchange of academic information

  • The Jikei University

    Education and medical research

  • tenant
    The University of Tokyo
    Education and learning support

    Education and research

  • The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners Co., Ltd.(UTEC)
    Venture capital

    Investments in ventures utilizing the technologies and human resources of the University of Tokyo and other universities and research institutes

  • Thrive Bioscience,Inc.
    Life Science Research Tools

    Instruments&software tools for automation of cell culture & stem cell culture

  • T-ICU Co., Ltd.
    Healthcare consulting

    Providing healthcare information, supporting intensive telemedicine, and others

  • TIS Co., Ltd.
    Job-search services

    Employment agency / head hunting specialized in the medical industry

  • tenant
    TNAX Biopharma Corporation

    Research and development of medicine

  • tenant
    Tohoku University
    National university corporation

    Education and research

  • tenant
    Tokai Medical Products, Inc.
    Development, manufacture and sales of medical devices

    Development, manufacture and sales of a catheter for endovascular treatment

  • Tokushima University
    University operation

    Education, research and social contributions

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology

    Research and education

  • tenant
    Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

    Education, research, and contribution to society

  • Toyota Research Institute Advanced Development, Inc.
    System development

    Advanced development of software related to autonomous driving

  • Trans Chromosomics Inc.
    Bio (drug discovery and development of drug discovery support tools)

    Research and development and commissioned research on medicine and others using chromosome engineering technology

  • Triple Regards LLC
    Design/creative production

    Creation of art/design specializing in healthcare

  • tenant
    Tsujimaru International Patent Office
    Patent office

    Agency business regarding intellectual property, consulting, seminars and others

  • tenant
    Ubie, Inc.
    Information and communications

    AI medical inquiry and disease prediction

  • tenant
    Ubience Co. Ltd.

    R&D for medicine

  • UMI Co., Ltd.
    Finance industry

    Venture capital

  • tenant
    University of California, San Diego

  • University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan
    Education, research, diagnosis

  • tenant
    upto4 Inc.
    Human resource education and personnel introduction service

    Support for team building before and after start of business (mainly in the fields of bio, medicine, healthcare, and machine learning)

  • US-Japan Medtech Frontiers
    Medical device

    Conduct symposia and seminars on Pan Pacific medical device innovation and collaboration

  • VideoVisit Global Ltd
    Medical Health and Wellness Sector, IT Health

    Remote Health Caregiving, Telehealth

  • Wallonia Export-Investment Agency
    Foreign Diplomatic Office

    Promotion of trade and attraction of foreign investment

  • Waseda University
    Education and research

    Education, research, and all other subsidiary business

  • Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd.
    Sales of scientific instruments (including part of manufacturing sectors)

    Development, manufacture and sales of scientific instruments, research facilities, measurements and analysis instruments, industrial testing equipment and medical devices

  • Zimmer Biomet G.K.
    Medical device

    Manufacture / import / sales of medical equipment and instruments for orthopedics

* We are publishing companies and organizations that can post.
* The "tenant" mark indicates the followings: Nihonbashi Life Science Building, Nihonbashi Life Science Building 2, Nihonbashi Life Science Hub, Nihonbashi 1-chome Mitsui Building, Nihonbashi Murohon Building, Nihonbashi Honmachi YS Building and Muromachi Higashi Mitsui Building. Regarding the shared offices, tenants with submitted applications are shown.