List of Special Members

List of Special Members

  • ADTHREE Publishing Co., Ltd.
    Publishing industry

    Publishing service, event service, academic conference secretariat service, IT service

    Others Private Companies
  • Abdul Latif Jameel General Trading Co., Ltd
    General trading company

    Automobiles/industrial machines and components; construction and real property; everyday commodities; environment and energy; operation and management of a dealer for Lexus; healthcare

    Others Private Companies
  • Career Incubation, Inc.
    Fee-based job-search services
    Others Private Companies
  • Cellular Agriculture Institute of the Commons
    Non-profit Organization

    Public relations activities related to cell agriculture and cultured meat, planning of scientific meetings and seminars, etc.

    Non-Profit Organizations Others
    manufacturing industry

    Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, chemical, oil machinery, special machinery, electronic systems.

    Others Private Companies
  • GFE corporation
    Architectural design office

    Planning, designing and consulting medical company's research facilities and manufacturing facilities

    Others Private Companies
  • ILYA Corporation
    Interior design/construction

    Interior design and design for offices and hotels, interior construction contracting, FFE procurement services

    Others Private Companies
  • Iwatani Corporation
    trading company

    Integrated energy business, industrial gas business, material business, etc.

    Others Private Companies
    Construction industry

    Design, procurement, and construction of various plants in the energy, life science, and other fields

    Others Private Companies
  • Japan Foundation for Applied Enzymology
    public interest incorporated foundation

    Research Grant Programs

    Non-Profit Organizations Others
  • Kobe City Government
    local public entity

    Promotion of Kobe Medical Industry Development Project, one of the largest medical industry clusters in Japan, which will create innovative medical innovations

    Others Public Agencies
  • tenant
    LiSTie Inc.
    Manufacturing industry
    Development, sales and maintenance of lithium separation equipment and membranes.
    Development and licensing of lithium recovery and separation technologies.
    Others Private Companies
    nonferrous metals
    Manufacturing and sales of functionaland electronic materials,nonferrous metal smelting,resource development,precious metal recycling,materials related business,manufacture and sales of automotive parts, etc.
    Others Private Companies
  • Marken KK
    Manufacturing and logistics of pharmaceuticals

    Manufacturing and delivery of clinical trial drugs

    Others Private Companies
  • tenant
    Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions, Inc.
    Chemical industry
    Research, development, manufacture, sales, import and export of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers
    Others Private Companies
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited

    Insurance against loss

    Others Private Companies
  • Mitsuuroko Group Holdings Co.,Ltd
    Gas, oil and electric power wholesaling,real estate, leasing, etc.

    business strategy and management of the group

    Others Private Companies
  • Mizuho Securities,. Co., Ltd.
    Finance & Securities

    financial instruments business

    Others Private Companies
  • National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives
    mutual aid enterprise

    As a member of the JA Group, provide comprehensive coverage for people, homes, and cars (Mutual Aid Business)

    Non-Profit Organizations Others
  • nine hours Inc.
    temporary lodging

    Sleep Business/Hotel Business

    Others Private Companies
  • Nitta Air Solutions Company
    General Construction (Plumbing)

    HVAC installation, inspection and maintenance Clean room qualification

    Others Private Companies
  • notocord Corporation
    Information service industry

    Education, publishing and editing business in the medical and nursing industries

    Others Private Companies
    A variety of industries

    Manufacture and sales of steel furniture in general; incidental construction, design, manufacture and sales related to the building industry

    Others Private Companies
    medical product logistics business, proposal of temparature logger

    Temperature controlled transport of APIs, pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine and other products, proposal of temparature logger

    Others Private Companies

    Worker Dispatch Business

    Others Private Companies
  • Pistoia Alliance
    Life Sciences

    Mission to reduce the barriers to Innvoation across Life Sciences

    Non-Profit Organizations Others
  • tenant

    Curry, pepper, garlic and other spices and tube-filled spices and other spices, instant curry, instant stew, retort pouch foods, chilled foods, freshly dried

    Others Private Companies
  • SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.
    Securities business, commodity futures trading business

    General securities business

    Others Private Companies
  • Shin Nippon Air Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Plumbing business

    Design, supervision and contract constructions of air conditioners, heating and cooling systems, ventilation systems, water supply and drainage systems, sanitary equipment and others

    Others Private Companies
  • Sleep Healthcare Association
    Consumer Services Research, education, and certification programs related to sleep and sleep services in the healthcare field, etc.
    Non-Profit Organizations Others
  • Stanhope PLC
    Property develipment / construction

    Developer, investor and asset manager with specialist expertise in property, construction, and asset management.

    Others Private Companies
  • Taisei Corporation
    Construction industry

    Building works, civil engineering works, designing and construction works

    Others Private Companies
  • Taiyo Life Insurance Company
    Life insurance business

    Insurance and insurance-related business

    Others Private Companies
  • Takenaka Corporation
    Construction industry

    Construction and development business

    Others Private Companies
  • UACJ Corporation
    manufacturing industry

    Manufacture and sale of rolled products, cast products, forged products, and fabricated products of nonferrous metals such as aluminum and their alloys, etc.

    Others Private Companies

    Design, manufacture, processing, and sales of various material products such as fibers, fluoropolymers, and high-performance rubbers for all industries including industrial equipment, chemicals, machinery, energy, communication equipment, semiconductors, automobiles, and the aerospace industry

    Others Private Companies
  • World Courier K.K. (Japan)
    logistics Temperature-controlled transportation of pharmaceuticals
    Others Private Companies

* We are publishing companies and organizations that can post.
* The "tenant" mark indicates the followings: Nihonbashi Life Science Building, Nihonbashi Life Science Building 2, Nihonbashi Life Science Hub, Nihonbashi 1-chome Mitsui Building, Nihonbashi Murohon Building, Nihonbashi Honmachi YS Building and Muromachi Higashi Mitsui Building. Regarding the shared offices, tenants with submitted applications are shown.