Training Programs

Training Programs

LINK-J has two acceleration programs which support startups in the life science field, ZENTECH DOJO NIHONBASHI and BRAVE.


ZENTECH DOJO Nihonbashi is an acceleration program for entrepreneurs and seed stage startups, run by INDEE Japan Ltd.. Entrepreneurs need much more than just funding to make their ideas and technologies a successful innovation. The program focuses less on funding but more on intangible aspects, such as knowledge, experience, coaching, and networks. Here, startups get trained in the first basics steps in building successful startup.

The DOJO provides funding through an angel-like equity investment and works with the founders to develop and validate a business model.


Six Month Program

This program seeks founders and founders-to-be, who are striving to create a business in life sciences such as medical, healthcare, and wellness. Enrollment is open all year long. Promising seed and pre-seed startups that have potential in bringing value and impact to the world join ZENTECH DOJO for six months.

In addition to lectures to provide necessary knowledge, the program provides weekly mentoring to help people be successful in digital help startups.

What is PreStartup in Nihonbashi?

It is a challenge for entrepreneurs to find a trustful and experienced adviser. PreStartup is a Slack community where entrepreneurs can frankly talk with investors. The platform provides ways to access and discuss the founders' challenges with mentors from ZENTECH DOJO Nihonbashi, LINK-J, and other founders.

What is the BRAVE Acceleration Program?

The BRAVE Acceleration Program is a commercialization support program for technology seeds and startups developed from universities, hosted by Beyond Next Ventures Inc.. The company specializes in incubation investments for technical startups emerged from universities, especially for those in the seed stage in advanced fields, such as medical care and healthcare, robots, AI and IoT.

This program provides knowledge, know-how, personal networks and funds for growth for researchers and entrepreneurs from universities and research institutions who strive for the commercialization of innovative technologies. With 110 entries annually, it is Japan's largest acceleration program among those specializing in university technology seeds prior to starting a business. Also, it provides opportunities to companies in the early stage to find management executives, advisers, managers and co-founders who will work on the promotion of commercialization. This is a unique feature compared to other acceleration programs. After the training programs and mentoring by experts in respective industries, experienced managers and others, a pitch contest is held on the final day.

Prizes for Winners in the Final Pitch Contest

Organizations which are highly evaluated in the pitch contest will be given the following supports: opportunities for acquiring a grant for business and research and development of about 100 million yen in total (recommendation for the START program*), prize of up to 2 million yen, opportunities to receive investment of maximum 5 million yen, partner company's support for commercialization, and support for overseas business development.

*JST new industry creation program arose from a university. It provides a grant for research and development, and business development of up to 30 million yen annually, for three years maximum, for a research team before a company is established.

About Life Science Award

About Life Science Award

The Life Science Award is given by LINK-J to a company or organization that demonstrates excellent performance at the pitch contest. The selected company or organization will be invited to a tour in San Diego, California (U.S.). The winner will have the opportunity to participate in the Biocom Global Life Science Partnering Conference held by BIOCOM, which has partnership with LINK-J, as well as meetings with research institutions and life science businesses in San Diego.