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Did you know delicious foods are served at a LINK-J event? Here's the secret of our hospitality and well known restaurants in Nihonbashi we are using for catering!

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Delicious foods served at LINK-J events



We offer well-crafted foods every time with catering companies so as to make it a joyful time for everyone.


We facilitates good communication by providing intimate atmosphere through seasonal foods and decoration.


Among them, what we value the most is giving you the feeling of "what Nihonbashi is like"!


Besides usual catering menu, LINK-J's staff runs around the Nihonbashi area every time to take away foods as extra menu from long standing restaurants in the area.

Food from long standing restaurants in Nihonbashi?

Selected foods of long standing restaurants in Nihonbashi which we are serving at our events.

Nihonbashi Tamai


When it comes to the flavor of Edo, it has to be conger eels. Tamai is the first restaurant in Japan to specialize in conger eels where you can enjoy fluffy and delicious eels all year round. You can enjoy bite-sized portions of genuine conger eel flavor with morsels of oshizushi at LINK-J events.

Nihonbashi Udagawa


Udagawa is a well known tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) restaurant established over 50 years ago.
Their popular pork cutlet sandwich is offered with thick cutlets. Please enjoy taking a bite of their soft and bulky cutlet sandwich.

Ningyocho Imahan


Ever since Imahan was established in 1895, they have continued to offer the best Japanese Black Wagyu beef. Their luxurious sukiyaki croquettes that use Japanese Black Wagyu beef are superb. The croquettes have the uncommon taste of sukiyaki, and the flavor from the sukiyaki stock also fully soaks into the beef and potatoes.

Other than the above mentioned, a lot of various other menu items are also served. We even host receptions that only have food from long standing restaurants in Nihonbashi.


Further details are also listed here.

You can enjoy networking seminars while eating delicious foods and tasty drinks. We would be pleased to see you drop by at least once.
All of us at LINK-J are looking forward to meeting all of you.