LINK-J was on BS Fuji 'JAPAN MOVE UP! Kansai Life Science Forefront Report', a program introducing Kansai's life science-related initiatives such as the town of medicine, Doshomachi.

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'JAPAN MOVE UP! Kansai Life Science Forefront Report' a program introducing the history and activities related to life science in the Kansai region centering on the town of medicine, Doshomachi, was broadcast on Saturday, March 27, 2021.

The program includes an interview with Dr. Sawa at Life Science Hub West, the Kansai branch of LINK-J, the cutting-edge technology of Tecrico, which won the 3rd Medtech Innovation Symposium & Pitch (mixed reality), and the surgical robot of Medicaloid, which took the stage at the Symposium.