Invitation to AFSSI Connexions @ Marseille

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AFSSI FLYER_1.pngAnnouncement from LINK-J office.
Eurobiomed, who are cooperate with LINK-J, has given an invitation to "AFSSI Connexions" which is held on July 2nd and 3rd in Marseille.

This is an annual big event where more than four hundred CROs, academias, biotech companies and startups attend from all over France.

In this event, conferences, pitch sessions, b to b sessions and networking events will be organized. You may also set up your own booth there.

LINK-J members are honored to be invited to this event for free despite of the general entrance fee about from €200 to €500.
This must be a great opportunity to realize the latest situation about French cutting-edge bio-technology, drug development and CRO.

For more information, please refer to the flyer about the event (click the left image) and the summary presentation about AFSSI attached.

Those who are considering participation, please contact the LINK-J office.