"Meet with UK Cell and Gene Therapy / Regenerative Medicine Company @ Nihonbashi" Held on January 20

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On January 20, Link-J invited a dozen companies and organizations that are active in the UK regenerative medicine, cell and gene therapy field and held short pitch presentations and reception parties at the Nihonbashi Life Science Hub (Nihonbashi, Tokyo).


The presentation slides used in the event, including the contact info of each presenters, is posted as below. (※ PDF file opens in a separate window)


(PDF File1MB)

-- List of Speakers --
Hidetoshi Hoshiya (Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult/Transactions manager Asia & Oceania)
Michael McLean Michael (Atelerix Ltd / CEO)
Stefanos Theoharis (Cell Medica / SVP Corporate Development and Partnering)
Claudia Rees (Cells4Life Group LLP / Operations Director)
Giuseppe Mazza (Engitix Ltd / Co-Founder and CEO)
Romuald Corbau (Freeline Therapeutics / VP Research)
Alex Blyth (LIfT BioSciences Ltd / CEO)
Nigel Theobald (N4 Pharma Plc / CEO)
Jonathan Lane (Nanogenic Solutions Ltd /CEO)
Simon Bayly (Oxford MEStar Ltd / Business Development Manager)
Mitra Najafi (Pplus Skin Care Ltd/ Managing Director and Founder)
Michael Themis (TestaVec Ltd/ Reader, Scientist. TestaVec Founder)
Matthew Lakelin (TrakCel Ltd. / VP Scientific Affairs)
Steve Bloor (Videregen Limited /CEO)

On the next day, the delegates visited the Institute of Medical Science in The University of Tokyo and joined in a lecture done by Professor Shiro Akinaga (Board Member / R & D) from AccuRna Inc., the hospital director Keiya Ozawa, Translational Research Initiative Professor Masahiro Kato, Professor Yoshinori Murakami, Professor Tokiko Nagamura who is associate Professor of Cell Processing and Transfusion Branch.


For the further detail, it will be posed on the website for International Affairs Office Institute of Medical Science University of Tokyo.