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Ikkei Matsuda, Ph.D. & MBA

Ikkei Matsuda, Ph.D. & MBA

CEO, Science, Art & Research for Reconstruction (SARR)

Ikkei Matsuda, Ph.D. & MBA

(Concurrent post)
Co-founder & CFO, Immunorock (developing the oral cancer vaccine)
CEO, Digital Platformer (Blockchain, stablecoin development)
Japan Advisory Partner, Benhamou Global Ventures in Silicon Valley
Advisory Council, Emerald Ventures in Zurich

What I expect of LINK-J

We want to create global biotech/medtech start-ups from LINK-J!

Message to LINK-J Special Members

If you need a support in global alliance, please come to me. And if you face some difficulties in commercializing your R&D at university, talk to me.

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