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Koichiro Tsujimaru, Ph.D.(Engineering)・Ph.D.(Medical Science)

Koichiro Tsujimaru, Ph.D.(Engineering)・Ph.D.(Medical Science)

President of” Tsujimaru International Patent Office” Patent Attorney
Guest Professor at Kagawa Univ.

Koichiro Tsujimaru, Ph.D.(Engineering)・Ph.D.(Medical Science)

He has graduated from Department of Biological Production, Faculty of Biological Production, Hiroshima University, and completed Doctoral Course of Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University, received a doctorate in Engineering, and completed Doctoral Course of Graduate School of Medical Science, Tokyo Medical University, received a doctorate in Medical Science.
After working for a major industrial gas maker, he was registered as a patent attorney in 1999. He established the Tsujimaru International Patent Office in 2005, has many and wide experience in intellectual property including patent applications, lawsuits, and license negotiations, in a wide range of fields including bio, medical, chemical and IT. He specializes in intellectual property business strategies based on these findings, and provides consulting, seminars, intellectual property education, etc. In addition, he is also involved in establishment and management of Start-Up companies, making use of the experience of director of companies. He has authored many books on intellectual property, such as "Bio Patent Practice".

What I expect of LINK-J

I expect the role of the academia-industry interface and the role of an incubator for Start-Up companies by utilizing the wide network of LINK-J.

Message to LINK-J Special Members

I expect special members to be at the core of innovation. So, I am happy if I can assist Special members as a LINK-J supporter.

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