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Makio Kitazawa

Makio Kitazawa

The Boston Consulting Group
Managing Director and Senior Partner
Asia Pacific Leader of Health Care Practice Area

Makio Kitazawa

Makio Kitazawa has worked at Boston Consulting Group since 1996. He is a leader of the firm's Health Care practice in Japan, and a core member of the firm's Corporate Finance & Strategy practice and Social Impact practice. He has worked with a wide range of health care companies, health care providers, and health related financial services clients over the course of his career.
Makio has worked extensively with clients in the pharmaceutical industry, both in Japan and globally, on developing and implementing marketing and sales, digital, new product launch, and R&D strategies. He also has deep expertise in creating and implementing growth strategies and optimizing profits for medical institutions.

What I expect of LINK-J

I hope for the continued development of LINK-J as a place that contributes to improving the quality of healthcare and medical care. Rather than simply engaging in discussions, I believe it would be even more wonderful if the connections made led to ideas actually being put into action.

Message to LINK-J Special Members

I look forward to working with you all, while learning from and encouraging one another.

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