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Masanori Akita

Masanori Akita

Group Technology Center, AIR WATER Inc.

Masanori Akita

Mr. Akita graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University (ME) in 2000, and then joined Canon Inc. In 2007, He moved to MTI Ltd., where he was involved in research, analysis, and promotion in a specialized marketing department, later assuming the position of Executive Officer, Head of Marketing Business Division. In 2012, He became the head of the Healthcare Business Division and developed numerous healthcare products, such as the "KaradaFit" health device that connects to smartphones. In 2013, He became the CEO of Evergene Ltd., a genetic analysis company. Subsequently, He led the proliferation of services such as the women's health management service "LunaLuna", the electronic mother and child handbook "MotherMo", and the comprehensive healthcare service "CARADA" developed by MTI. Additionally, He actively promoted the deployment of cloud-based electronic medical records "Klipra", telemedicine "KaradaMedica", gynecological service "LunaLuna Medico", medicine notebook "Phalmo", and electronic medication history "Soramichi" to medical institutions. In 2021, He became the CEO of MTI Healthcare Holdings Ltd. Since May 2023, He have been working at AIR WATER Inc., promoting developments in the cloud and AI fields, not only in the medical and healthcare sectors, but also in the energy and agri-food businesses.

What I expect of LINK-J

I look forward to more examples being born in this excellent environment, where the necessary conditions for the growth of life science business are coming together. While utilizing the broad business development of Air Water, I would like to contribute to the revitalization of the community.

Message to LINK-J Special Members

As we approach an era where life sciences, healthcare, and cloud & AI are being implemented in society beyond barriers, I expect further promotion of cross-industry exchanges and the birth of many new services. Also, I look forward to the fusion of new values and technologies for the development towards the Osaka Expo we sponsor, and the subsequent progress towards an autonomous society.

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