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Rami Suzuki, Ph.D.

Rami Suzuki, Ph.D.

Moderna Japan, Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director

Rami Suzuki, Ph.D.

After obtaining a Ph.D. in medicine from University College London in 1999 and subsequent postdoctoral research at Imperial College, Rami worked as a venture capitalist in the field of life science in London. She then served Eisai Co., Ltd as a corporate officer in charge of business development, Janssen Pharma K.K. as the division head of Business Development and division head of Medical Affairs and Ferring Pharma KK as the CEO and Representative Director. Rami joined Moderna Japan in November 2021.

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Sharing knowledge for the creation of diverse opportunities

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When you dream big, you will find comrades. What you achieve together will be even bigger than your dream !

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