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Taro Inaba

Taro Inaba

Managing Partner at Remiges Ventures

Taro Inaba

Taro Inaba has over 28 years of business development and venture investment experience. Prior to Remiges, h spent 13 years at Mitsui Ventures where he pursued cross-boarder biotech investment model. His successful investments include Actimis Pharma, Boston Biomedical and Hutchison Medipharma. He spun out of Mitsui and created Regimes Ventures, an independent cross-boarder venture capital firm focused on life science having its principal offices in Boston and Tokyo. Remiges play a lead investor role for Series A rounds globally and it creates de-novo companies based on intellectual properties from Japanese academia. Taro currently shits on the boards of 7 of the Remiges portfolio companies. Taro is Director of Koinobori a philanthropic entity.

What I expect of LINK-J

I expect LINK-J becomes a place where people with different background including medical doctors, patients, academic researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, business people and intellectual property and other experts experience unexpected encounters and discuss new idea.

Message to LINK-J Special Members

Let's work together for life science innovation.

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