An Enchantment of BioMedical Engineering - A Path to Ambidextrous Thinking for Life Sciences -

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We are experiencing a major change due to rapid technological innovation in life science and healthcare. This trend is noticeable in medicine, telemedicine, medical devices, medication and wellness management which take advantage of new diagnostic methods, therapies, drug delivery methods, and computer algorithms. On the other hand, it has been noted that experts in various fields, such as medicine and engineering, should work together to further promote these technological innovations.
Innovation in life science and healthcare is expected to improve patient experience and health, and reduce medical expenses. However, rapid technological innovation is creating new challenges in areas such as data ownership, cyber security and privacy, compliance with laws, and other socio-economic and ethical issues. In the medical and pharmaceutical industry as well as in academia where professionals are supposed to come up with solutions, a highly specialized nature of business or research topics has long created “silos” of operations and activities in the organization. It is time for professionals to go beyond the silos and start changing the way they conduct research, develop expertise, and do business. Now a dialogue among experts with various backgrounds should help provide a practical and effective solution to these challenges.
At this half-day symposium, we will discuss issues and opportunities for medical-engineering collaborations based on examples of initiatives at UC San Diego in the US and several universities in Japan. The participants will share experiences and best practices of collaborative research projects in an effort to accelerate translation of research results to improved health. The participants will also pay attention to global entrepreneurship and exchange ideas interactively with start-up companies and venture capital firms. The event will be one of the first international symposiums specifically aimed at addressing various issues in medical-engineering collaborations in the US and Japan.

(Language: English)

Date and Time

November 13, 2018 (Tue) 12:30 pm - 5:40 pm


Nihonbashi Life Science Building 9th Floor Conference Room


Time Contents
12:00 Doors open
Opening Remark
Hiroshi Saigusa
Secretary General, Life Science Innovation Network Japan(LINK-J)
Miwako Waga
Director of International Outreach, University of California San Diego Office of Research Affairs
SESSION I Learn from Academic Experts on Innovation through Biomedical Engineering : Case studies, challenges and lesson learned, road to industry and business opportunity

Presentation Series (Toru Seo /Emiko Takamori for MC)
12:40-13:10 "Engineering and Medicine at UC San Diego"
Prof. Albert P. Pisano, Ph.D.
Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering, University of California San Diego
Walter J. Zable Endowed Chair of Engineering
Distinguished Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering & Electrical and Computer Engineering
13:10-13:40 "The Challenge of Kyushu University in Translational Research"
Prof. Daisuke Sugiyama, M.D., Ph.D.
Deputy Director, Department of Translational Research Promotion, Incubation Center for Advanced Medical Science, Kyushu University
13:40-14:10 "A Biomedical Entrepreneur Fostering Program "Research Studio" towards the Establishment of Translational Research Ecosystem"
Prof. Yoshihiro Arakawa, Professor and Director of Tsukuba Clinical Research & Development Organization (T-CReDO), University of Tsukuba
14:10-14:30 Break and Mingling
14:30-15:00 "Educational programs of MEI3 Center and Japan biodesign for Health-care Innovation"
Tatsunori Taniguchi, Specially appointed researcher, Department of Biodesign for Healthcare Innovation, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
15:00-15:30 "Possibilities of Big Data Analytics and AI in Critical Care Medicine"
Prof. Hidenobu Shigemitsu, M.D., FCCP.
Chairman, Graduate School of Medicine and Dentistry Sciences Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU)
15:30-16:00 "Technology and innovation management in the digital Health era: a case of FDA-approved mobile medical applications"
Associate Prof. Shintaro Sengoku, Ph.D.
School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech)
16:00-16:10 Q&A
SESSION II Industry Perspectives on Biomedical Innovation and Digital Media
Pharma perspective
"How pharma companies can access to innovative digital solutions."
Shunichi Takahashi, Ph.D. Head of Open Innovation Center Japan, Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd.
IT perspective
"Engagement Science Driven Health Care Service - Lessons learned & next challenge! -"
Takeshi Sano, Pharmacist Business Development Director, Healthcare Business Div., DeNA Co., LTD.
VC perspective
"What VCs can do for life science startups and how to utilize VCs' assets."
Haruka Hashimoto Project Leader, DG Lab, Digital Garage, Inc.
16:40-16:50 Break
SESSION III PANEL AND WORKSHOP: How to Maximize the Effort by Academia, Industry, Entrepreneurs
16:50-17:30 Round table academia, industry, VC, entrepreneur, etc.
Moderator: Toru J Seo, Ph.D.
Senior Director, External Science & Innovation(ES&I), Worldwide Research & Development, Pfizer Inc.

Panelist: Tentative
Prof. Albert P. Pisano, Ph.D., UC San Diego
Prof. Daisuke Sugiyama, M.D., Ph.D., Kyushu University
Prof. Arakawa, University of Tsukuba and TBD
Tatsunori Taniguchi, Specially appointed researcher, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Prof. Hidenobu Shigemitsu, M.D., FCCP., TMDU
Shunichi Takahashi, Ph.D., Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd
Haruka Hashimoto, Digital Garage, Inc.

17:30-17:40 Wrap-up
Prof. Albert P. Pisano, Ph.D., University of California San Diego
17:40-18:30 Networking

Participation fee





Organized by: UC San Diego
Co-organizer: LINK-J