[Japanese Webinar] Technology Series #6:The Frontline of the Regenerative Medicine Business: The Rise of Dentistry and Recent Advances in Antibody Drugs

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As more people are likely to live a longer life, there is an increasing focus on maintaining oral health and preventing oral disease. Dr. Katsu Takahashi and his research group have identified a potential new drug that regenerates lost teeth - an invention that led to the founding of Toregem Bio Pharma, Ltd., a startup venture from Kyoto University. While the overarching goal is tooth regeneration - made possible by using antibodies to support the continuous growth of cells known as tooth buds or germs - the development of therapeutics for a wide range of congenital tooth agenesis has been the main focus. At the same time, the company aims to establish treatment protocols for post-permanent teeth.

In this session, Toregem co-founder Dr. Honoka Kiso will discuss:

● The company’s business and technology, as well as the actual situation, trends, and opportunity
● A university research-based startup as a career path
● Observations and failures experienced managing Toregem as a co-founder
● Empowering female entrepreneurs

Date and Time

Thursday, July 1, 2021, Webinar 17:00-19:00




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This webinar will be conducted in Japanese.


Webinar 17:00 – 18:00(Webex)/ Networking 18:10 – 19:00(Google Meet)

After the webinar, participants will have an opportunity to join a virtual networking session (Google Meet) with Dr. Kiso.

NOTE 1: This event is OFF THE RECORD.

NOTE 2: Please note that, as with all guest presentations, the content and comments of the speakers reflect their own opinions and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the ACCJ.

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Deadline: Wednesday, June 30 (17:00)

About the Speaker

Speaker:Dr.Honoka Kiso
Dr. Honoka Kiso is on a mission to help treat patients with congenital tooth loss. In her early teens, she lost her teeth due to mandibular bone disease. Her surgical experience led her to pursue a career in dentistry. After graduating from Osaka Dental University, she completed her residency at Kyoko University Hospital. In addition, she completed her PhD in Medicine at Kyoto University and is engaged in studies of tooth regeneration with Dr. Katsu Takahashi, with whom she co-founded Toregem Bio Pharma Co., Ltd. a startup company from Kyoko University.


Host: The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Kansai Business Programs Committee
This event is supported by the Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J).


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