[Webinar] Technology Series #5: The Front Line of the Regenerative Medicine Business: Practical Application of Cell Medicine

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In this fifth session of our Technology Series, the ACCJ-Kansai Business Programs Committee is pleased to welcome Dr. Takahiro Iwamiya, co-founder of Metcela Inc.

The number of patients with heart failure is on the rise worldwide. Providing new treatment opportunities for this disease is an urgent issue, as there is concern that—due to the so-called heart failure pandemic—the number of cases and patients, as well as medical expenses, will increase.Against this backdrop, Metcela is developing a combination regenerative medicine product: 1) VCAM1-positive cardiac fibroblasts (VCF) which assist with myocardial regeneration, and 2) a catheter for cell administration.

In this session, Dr. Iwamiya will discuss:

  • Metcela’s science and technology, as well as the actual situation and trends of regenerative medicine for heart failure
  • Observations and failures he has experienced managing Metcela as a founding scientist
  • Entrepreneurship as a new career path for scientists
  • The future of Metcela and the ideal image of an R&D-type venture

Date and Time

Thursday, December 10, 2020Friday, Webinar 17:00-19:00




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This webinar will be conducted in Japanese.


Webinar 17:00 – 18:00(Webex)/ Networking 18:10 – 19:00(Google Meet)

・This webinar will be conducted in Japanese. After the presentation, participants will have an opportunity to join a virtual networking session with Dr. Iwamiya.

NOTE 1: This event is OFF THE RECORD.

NOTE 2: Please note that, as with all guest presentations, the content and comments of the speakers reflect their own opinions and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the ACCJ.

NOTE 3: In an effort to continue to provide more virtual networking opportunities for members, the ACCJ will be testing out a LinkedIn page for this event. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to virtually connect and interact with your fellow members before and after the event.

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Deadline: Wednesday, December 9 (Noon)

About the Speaker

Speaker:Dr. Takahiro Iwamiya, co-founder of Metcela Inc.

Takahiro Iwamiya graduated from Tokyo Women’s Medical University with a PhD in medicine in March 2014. In 2010, he began working on regeneration of the heart and cardiac fibroblasts at Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences (TWIns). In 2014, he led a team researching tissue regeneration with fibroblasts at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences at Keio University, and began to prepare for the launch of Metcela Inc. As a co-founder of Metcela, Dr. Iwamiya is responsible for all R&D matters, from planning to implementation. He was born in 1984.


Host: The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Kansai Business Programs Committee
This event is supported by the Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J).


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