LINK-J starts online events and opens a web site for providing COVID-19 information

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COVID-19 can't stop Innovation; LINK-J offers new style support to accelerate open innovation

Life Science Innovation Network Japan (hereinafter referred to as "LINK-J". Headquartered in Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Chairperson: Hideyuki Okano) aims to build a platform for "networking community in life sciences".

LINK-J has opened a "COVID-19 portal site" in late April to share relating scientific information. Meanwhile, LINK-J started online events instead of face-to-face meeting events. We hope to facilitate communication opportunities through the enrichment of online locales.

COVID-19 portal site

Hideyuki Okano, the chairperson of LINK-J, supervised contents of the COVID-19 portal site in LINK-J's official website.(COVID-19 portal site)。

This portal site offers evidence-based scientific information, what we have to do to go through under this unprecedented challenge of the pandemic. This site shows up-to-date researches and articles; treatment, medicine and vaccines. Furthermore, medical institutions, universities, startups and organizations describe their action against this disaster. We welcome posts of our partner institutions.


Online Events

Since 2016, LINK-J has been held varieties of networking events in Tokyo. Networking of people and knowledges is the one of the key factor to facilitate 'Open innovation'. Last year, 2019, over 500 events were taken place in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, place of headquarter of LINK-J. This year, COVID-19 compelled LINK-J to cancel events since late February. In this challenging situation, we have started online seminars as a new vehicle of disseminating information. As of May 11, four online events took place and many plans are in progress.

Some archive video are available for a limited time.

"Talk to LINK-J Supporters: What Startup should be aware under difficult situation" Held April 13 (Mon)

"Biotechnology fights COVID-19: Perspective from PCR testing" Held April 15 (Wed)

"Frontlines of Startups from University of Tokyo: Challenge to SXSW" Held April 21 (Web)

"Life Sciences Startup School: Challenge to after coronavirus world" Held April 27 (Mon)

LINK-J starts online events and opens a web site for providing COVID-19 information