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LINK-J's Supporters

LINK-J has recruited a number of "supporters," people with knowledge spanning diverse fields and whose skill sets range from research and development to management, law, and accounting. Our supporters, who include entrepreneurs and experts, participate in many of the events that we put together and offer one-on-one advice to LINK-J special members.

  • Akihiko Shimauchi
    Aki Shimauchi
    INDEE Medical, Inc.
  • Atsushi Usami
    Atsushi Usami, Ph.D.
    The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Co., Ltd.
  • Daiki Moriyama
    Daiki Moriyama
    Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support Co., Ltd.
  • Tomy Kamada
    Dr. Tomy Kamada
    TomyK Ltd.
  • Hajime Oshita
    Hajime Oshita
    MedVenture Partners, Inc.
  • Hayato Watanabe
    Hayato Watanabe
    Locust Walk Japan, LLC
  • Hiroaki Kitano
    Hiroaki Kitano, Ph.D.
    The Systems Biology Institute
  •  Hiroyuki Kanoh
    Hiroyuki Kanoh
    Forum for Innovative
    Regenerative Medicine
  • Ikkei Matsuda
    Ikkei Matsuda,
    Ph.D. & MBA
    Science, Art & Research for Reconstruction (SARR)
  • Jun Otomo
    Jun Otomo, Ph.D.
    Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Keita Mori
    Keita Mori
    SanBio Company Limited
  • Kinji Fuchikami
    Kinji Fuchikami
    Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, Inc.
  • Koichiro Tsujimaru
    Koichiro Tsujimaru,
    Tsujimaru International Patent Office
  • Masatomo Akita
    Masanori Akita
    MTI Ltd.
  • Masashi Kiyomine
    Masashi Kiyomine
    Kicker Ventures LLC
  • Masashi Matsunaga
    Masashi Matsunaga, Ph.D.
  • Masayuki Yokota
    Masayuki Yokota
    Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
  • Nobuhiko Hibara
    Nobuhiko Hibara,
    Waseda Business School
  • Ryuji Hiramatsu
    Ryuji Hiramatsu
    Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe
  • Shingo Tsuda
    Shingo Tsuda
    INDEE Japan Ltd.
  • Shunichi Takahashi
    Shunichi Takahashi,
    Bayer Yakuhin,Ltd.
  • Takahiro Uchida
    Takahiro Uchida,
    M.D. Ph.D., MSc.
    Japanese Organization for
    Medical Device Development, Inc.
  • Takashi Kiyoizumi
    Takashi Kiyoizumi,
    M.D., Ph.D.
    UC San Diego, Japan Forum for
    Innovation and Technology
  • Takato Noumi
    Takato Noumi, Ph.D.
  • Takuma Nakatsuka
    Takuma Nakatsuka
    POC Clinical Research Inc.
  • Taro Inaba
    Taro Inaba
    REMIGES Ventures
  • Toru Takashi
    Tohru Takashi, Ph.D.
    Japan Agency for Medical Research
    and Development
  • Toru Seo
    Toru J. Seo, Ph.D.
    Pfizer Japan Inc.
  • Tsutomu Sugaya
    Tsutomu Sugaya
    Nobelpharma Co., Ltd.
  • Tsuyoshi Ito
    Tsuyoshi Ito
    Beyond Next Ventures
  • Ulrike Schaede
    Ulrike Schaede
    UC San Diego, Japan Forum for
    Innovation and Technology
  • Yo Iwami
    Yo Iwami, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Yohei Sawayama
    Yohei Sawayama
    Coral Capital
    500 Startups Japan
  • Yuji Yamamoto
    Yuji Yamamoto,
    M.D., MBA
    MinaCare Co.,Ltd.

(As of March 1, 2019)

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