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Wrap-up event of the Glocal Innovator Development Program (Karuizawa 2nd Session) with a BBQ party

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Healthcare Innovation Association (HIA) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the final day of the Glocal Innovator Development Program (Karuizawa 2nd Session). The purpose of this program is to develop students and provide learning opportunities for working professionals, as well as to work on solving regional issues. The wrap-up event of this program was held on April 27,at JT headquarters.

■About the Program 

The program included five days of face-to-face sessions and several online meetings and other events. In March, we stayed at Karuizawa Prince Hotel West for three days and focused on the regional issues in Karuizawa from participants' perspectives. For further details about this three day on-site program in Karuizawa, please refer to this article (written in English).

<Program Overview of Karuizawa 2nd Session>


■About the review event (Day 5)

A review session was held at JT headquarters on the morning of April 27, and each team presented their reflections on the program.

In addition to that, Toshiki Mano, a physician and professor at several universities, gave a lecture on careers, and his lecture was very impressive for the participants, as he had an unusual career as a doctor, specializing in health care economics and industrial structure analysis. It allowed participants to think about their future careers.

Also, six students who participated in the Karuizawa 1st session last year made presentations on the impact of participation in the program on their career development. Sumi Takahiro took part in this wrap-up event as a guest commentator.

At the end of the day, Takehiro Ishida (Visiting Researcher at Teikyo University Doctor of Public Health, Pharmacist, MBA at University of Massachusetts), who is the founder of this program, emphasized the following three core values of this program. He wishes to continue this program, focusing on the value of the experience not only for students but also for working professionals.

  1. To support the growth of students and young professionals who will lead the next generation
  2. To work on regional problem solving involving regional communities and global society
  3. Providing learning opportunities for experienced professionals


Takehiro Ishida

■Comments from the guests

The enthusiasm of the working mentors and students reminded me of my past when I was a member of a university medical school choir, and executed various activities on a voluntary basis through relationships with various people. I wish for the further development of this program.


Shinya Mano(Professor at Chuo University Business School)

I participated in this wrap-up event. I was inspired by the high potential of all the students. Moreover, I was surprised by the high sense of contribution to society that everyone in the community has. I felt that this community will create great value in the future. I will support this amazing program as much as I can.


Takahiro Sumi

■Share Style BBQ as a wrap-up party

In the afternoon, a Share Style BBQ was held with BBQ researcher Keitaro Iwai. Many participants commented that they appreciated their unique experience through Share Style BBQ, saying that it was good to start new conversations while grilling and cutting meat and vegetables together. In the second half of the BBQ, Mr. Iwai spoke about his own career. Some participants commented that it was inspiring to hear about the reasons for being a BBQ researcher while being a company employee.The BBQ was not only an opportunity to get to know each other, but also a meaningful opportunity to think about their own career.

■Survey results

According to the survey results from the 44 participants of this program (23 students and 21 working professionals) the NPS for the whole program was 61.4 (the Net Promoter Score is calculated between -100 and 100 based on the eleven stages (0 to 10)). This high score confirms that the program was highly satisfactory, with both students and working professionals experiencing growth.

Q.Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the program as a whole. 

(44 answers)


■Future Prospects

Hidetoshi Tsujioka, the project leader of this program, reflected on the whole program as follows. ''I was initially surprised when I was asked to be the project leader by Ishida-san after the Golden Week holidays of 2023, but now I am extremely excited that I completed the project successfully. I would like to thank all the participants in this program, the people involved in Karuizawa. The management of 40 participants, the moderation of the entire program, and the opportunity to deliver presentations were valuable experiences that I could not have in my day job, and they provided me with a good opportunity to discover my own strengths. We are planning to hold the 3rd Session in 2025. I will do my best to make the program even better based on the feedback from this year's participants.''


Hidetoshi Tsujioka

Again, this program aims to support the growth of students and young professionals who will lead the next generation, provide learning opportunities for working adults, and develop talent for regional revitalization who can enter the community and work on solving regional issues. In order to create such opportunities on an ongoing basis, program members will continue to work toward the implementation of the 3rd Session in the coming year. HIA will continue to support social contribution activities through healthcare innovation.

For those who are interested in the program, or wishing to support it, please contact the HIA via the email address provided below.


Healthcare Innovation Association 一般社団法人ヘルスケアイノベーション協会