UK-Japan Life Science Seminar #2 UK Leading Global Life Science Businesses (AI Drug Discovery, Process Optimization) was held on July 20

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July 20, 2022, LINK-J held the 28th session of LINK-J Online Networking Talk on the theme of "AI Drug Discovery and Process Optimization" in a virtual format. (Organized by LINK-J and co-organized by Oxentia, Biospire Japan Ltd.)


This time, we invited Dr. David Bardsley, Commercial Director of Cresset and Dr. João Madeira do Ó, Head of Business Development for Europe at CatSci.
Each of them gave a lecture on the theme of "Designing the Molecules That Matter" and "Green chemistry: A powerful tool for developing sustainable pharmaceutical processes".

Following the panel discussion, Dr. Masashi Matsunaga (LINK-J supporter) and Shuinichi Takahashi (LINK-J Secretary General) joined a panel discussion on "What are the difficulties in finding appropriate partners for collaborations with large companies? and "What are the difficulties and challenges in entering the Japanese market? " etc.
A total of 119 people attended the event. Thank you very much for your participation.

The recording is available on LINK-J's YouTube channel.

[Click on the image to play the recording]

Dr David Bardsley / Commercial Director of Cresset/Torx
Dr João Madeira do Ó / Head of Business Development for Europe of CatSci
Dr. Masashi Matsunaga / Senior Consultant, Oxentia, LINK-J Supporter
Akihiko Soyama / President and CEO, Diretor, LINK-J
Shunichi Takahashi / Secretary General, LINK-J

The 29th session of LINK-J Online Networking Talk Series is scheduled to be held on September 27 as UK-Japan Life Science Seminar #3 on the theme of regenerative medicine, cell therapy and organoids, and we look forward to your participation.