"Digital Technologies for Life Science Innovation" ~ LINK-J & UC San Diego Life Science Symposium #4 was held on May 27.

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May 27, 2022, LINK-J and UC San Diego held the 4th LINK-J & UC San Diego Life Science Symposium on Digital Technologies in a hybrid format at the Nihonbashi Life Science Hub. (Hosted by LINK-J and co-hosted by UC San Diego)

This year's symposium included an introduction of the newly completed "Franklin Antonio Hall" (FAH) at UC San Diego, presentations on their research by Professors Vineet Bafna and Gert Cauwenberghs from UC San Diego, and a presentation by Professor Hideo Matsuda of Osaka University, a strategic research partner in Japan.

Dean Albert P. Pisano of UC San Diego, Mr. Dennis Abremski, Executive Director of the Institute for the Global Entrepreneur, UC San Diego, and Ms. Miwako Waga, Senior Director of International Outreach, UC San Diego, as well as Professor Tomoyoshi Koyanagi of Tsukuba University and Professor Nobuhiko Hibara of Waseda University gathered at the venue.


Following the technical presentations, an expert panel discussed the value that international acceleration programs can bring to Japanese life science startups that are aiming to access global markets.

242 people attended the event via online and at the venue in total. Thank you very much for many questions and for joining the event.

[Click on the image to play the recording of the day.]

A new series of LINK-J & UC San Diego Joint Webinar Series with Kobe University is scheduled to be held on September 7 under the theme of "Cell Signaling and Lipid Science.
We look forward to your participation.


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[Photoes of Venue]