Closing-in on the attractiveness of Taiwan Bio- Startups; Why DCI Partners invests in Taiwan?

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Venture capital (VC) firms investing in life science companies are gathering one after another in Nihonbashi district in Tokyo, creating a life science ecosystem where startups and VC firms converge.

In response, LINK-J has launched the "Let's Talk with VCs" series, inviting key figures from VC firms to discuss the latest trends and thoughts on a specific theme for each session.

In this forth session, DCI Partners Co., Ltd. (“DCIP”), which manages one of Japan’s largest bio-specialized funds, will talk about its unique, among other Japan VC players, investments in Taiwan that have been implementing since 2015. Former vice minister of Taiwan government, who has strong ties with Taiwanese biotech industry, and Taiwan local biotech companies will also appear to give in-depth speeches about the attractiveness of investing Taiwan.

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DCIP will give presentations in person and the others online.

Date and Time

Wed, Dec 7, 5:00pm - 7:00pm (JST)


- In-person:GLOBAL LIFESCIENCE HUB Confernce Room
- Virtual:Zoom Webinar

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Time Agenda
16:45 Door open
17:00-17:05 Welcome
17:05-17:20 Presentation -“The status quo of Taiwan biotech industry”
Taipei Medical University
Dr.Wen-Chang Chang,Director
Language: Japanese
17:20-17:25 Presentation -「DCIパートナーズの台湾投資戦略について」
DCI Partners Co., Ltd.
Ms. Yuka Niimi,Associate Director
Language: Japanese
17:25-18:25 Company introduction

新旭生技 Aprinoia Therapeutics Inc.
Mr. Masaomi Miyamoto,Vice President
Language: Japanese
17:40-17:55 瑞格國際 REGiMMUNECo, Ltd.
Mr. Kenzo Kosuda,
CEO & President
Language: Japanese
17:55-18:10 仲恩生醫 Steminent Biotherapeutics Inc.
Mr.Kevin Chih-Yuan Ho,Director of Clinical and Business Development
Language: English

18:10-18:25 宇康生科 Aprevent Medical Inc.
Dr.Guan-Min Ho MD, PhD,Chief Executive Officer
Language: English
18:25-18:35 Presentation -「台湾での投資実務、及び、台湾バイオテク企業のEXIT環境について」
DCI Partners Co., Ltd.
Mr. Satoshi Motomura,President of Taiwan Office
Language: Japanese
18:35-18:55 Q&A
18:55-19:00 Closing remarks - LINK-J
19:00‐19:30 Networking time [In-person only]

張様.gif Dr.Wen-Chang Chang
Director,Taipei Medical University

Taipei Medical College, Taipei, Taiwan (1965-1969)
Major in Pharmacy; Bachelor of Pharmacy degree awarded
University of Tokyo, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo, Japan (1973-1976)
Major in Physiological Chemistry; Ph.D. awarded

(Previous Experience)
Visiting Fellow, Gerontology Research Center, National Institute on Aging, NIH,
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. (1976/10-1978/12)
Visiting Scientist, College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky, Lexington,
Kentucky, U.S.A. (1981/09-1983/09)
Professor, Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung
University, Tainan, Taiwan (1983-2011)
Visiting Scholar, Department of Biochemistry, Tokushima University School of
Medicine (Professor Shozo Yamamoto), Tokushima, Japan (1991/11-1992/01)
Visiting Scholar, Department of Biochemistry, Kobe University School of Medicine
(Professor Yasutomi Nishizuka), Kobe, Japan (1992/02-11)
Visiting Scholar, William Harvey Research Institute (Director Sir John R. Vane),
London, U. K. (1997/06-09)
General Director, Department of Life Sciences, National Science Council, Taiwan
Dean, College of Bioscience and Biotechnology, National Cheng Kung University
Deputy Minister, National Science Council (2008/05-2011/04)
Chairman, Board of Trustees, Taipei Medical University (2014/08-2022/07)
新見様-1.gif Ms.Yuka Niimi
Associate Director, DCI Partners Co., Ltd.

宮本様.gif Mr. Masaomi Miyamoto
Vice President,
新旭生技 Aprinoia Therapeutics inc.

1975年4月  武田薬品工業株式会社入社、中央研究所医薬研究所に配属
1987年10月 客員研究員として米国ジョンズ・ホプキンス大学医学部
精神科(Joseph Coyle教授)に留学
2002年4月  創薬研究本部創薬第一研究所所長
2003年4月  創薬研究本部創薬第二研究所所長
2005年10月 医薬研究本部創薬第三研究所所長
2006年6月 医薬開発本部本部長
2006年6月  TGRD Chairman兼務
2008年4月  武田バイオ開発センター株式会社会長兼務
2011年6月  生化学工業常務取締役、研究開発本部長
2018年1月  APRINOIA Therapeutics株式会社副社長

日本薬理学会学術評議員(1985-2015)、日本薬理学会理事(2006-2009)、日本薬理学会名誉会員(2015-)、日本神経精神薬理学会評議員(1986-2015)、日本神経精神薬理学会功労会員(2015-)、老化促進モデルマウス研究協議会評議員(1995-)、老化促進モデルマウス学会監査(2015-)、米国神経科学会会員(1987-2009)、JAPIC理事(2006-2009)、IMIC理事(2008-2009)、日本抗生物質学術協議会理事(2006-2009)、日本PGxデータサイエンスコンソーシアム(JPDSC)会長(2009-2010)、代謝異常治療研究基金理事(2006-2010)、慶応大学医学部客員教授(2002-2004)、東京大学薬学部非常勤講師(2002-2017)、九州大学薬学部非常勤講師(2009-2012)、福岡大学客員教授(2010-2013)、Marquis Who's Who in the World (1999-) 他


小須田様.gif Mr. Kenzo Kosuda
CEO & President, 瑞格國際 

1989年4月 東洋信託銀行(現三菱UFJ信託銀行)入行
1992年10月 監査法人ト-マツ(現有限責任監査法人トーマツ)入所
1997年9月  中央クーパース・アンド・ライブランド・アドバイザーズ入社
1999年6月 スパークス投資顧問(現スパークス・グループ)入社
2013年5月 株式会社レグイミューン入社
2013年12月 同取締役就任
2016年7月 同代表取締役社長就任(現任)
2018年6月 瑞格國際生技股份有限公司(REGiMMUNE Limited) 事長暨執行長就任(現任)
KEVIN様.gif Mr.Kevin Chih-Yuan Ho 
Director of Clinical and Business Development, 仲恩生醫 
Steminent Biotherapeutics Inc.

Dr. Ho joined SBI in 2012 and leads the Clinical and Business Development. He is responsible for SBI’s out licensing collaborations in Japan and Korea and the success of the granted Orphan Drug Designation of SBI’s cell product, Stemchymal®, for Spinocerebellar Ataxia treatment in the US and Japan. He has more than 15 years of experience in stem cell science and business development. Dr. Ho obtained his Ph.D degree in Biomedical Engineering from University College London, UK.
Guan-Ho様.gif Dr.Guan-Min Ho MD, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, 宇康生科
Aprevent Medical Inc.

I Graduated as a medical doctor (MD) and received my PhD degree in "Clinical Pathology" at Medical University of Vienna in 1998. During the educational period, I also worked as a researche fellow and tutor at the Clinical Pathology Department before starting my residency training in internal medicine and otorhinolaryngology at Chang-Gun Memorial Hospital and Mackay Memorial Hospital, respectively. After my board certification in otorhinolaryngology head & neck surgery in 2004 I worked as an attending physician in medical centers and lectured as assistant professor at National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences. During my clinical practice, I never lost my passion for basic research, therefore I founded with like-minded partners in the year of 2013"APrevent Medical" and dedicated my work mainly in the field of laryngology and voice disorders. Though being confronted with lots of challenges, incl. the COVID pandemic, our first product "Vocal Implant System" is highly praised by KOLs and is successfully launched on the EU market. Our second project is dedicated to improve the intelligibility of dysarthric patients and still under development.
本村様.gif Mr. Satoshi Motomura
President of Taiwan Office,DCI Partners Co., Ltd.

2004年3月 上智大学外国語学部卒
2004年4月 大和企業投資株式会社 入社
2008年9月 台湾VC・和通国際(股)に出向
2014年9月 大和企業投資株式会社 台北事務所所長 就任(現職)
2020年8月 台湾VC・和通国際(股)取締役 就任(現職)
2022年4月 DCI Vietnam Fund III Management Co., Ltd. 取締役 就任(現職)

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In-person: 40 people
*We reserve the right to change the event as a completely virtual format due to government requests or the status of the spread of COVID-19 infection. In such cases, please watch the webinar even if you have registered as an in-person attendee.

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