Let's Talk with VCs! Series vol.2 "Global VC's Perspective on Japan - Reasons why invest in Japanese Start-Ups" was held on Nov 7

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November 7, 2022, LINK-J held Let's Talk with VCs! Series vol.2 "Global VC's Perspective on Japan - Reasons why invest in Japanese Start-Ups" in a virtual format.


This series invites key figures from VC firms to talk about the latest trends and their thoughts on startups from an investor's point of view. In this second installment of the series, Dr. Dima Kuzmin, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of 4BIO Capital, a leading British VC firm, spoke in Nihonbashi on the topic of "An introduction to 4BioCapital - Japan perspective".

Dr. Rick Tsai, CEO of LUCA Science and Dr. Masashi Suganuma, Chairman Founder & CSO of LUCA Science, a 4BIO Capital portfolio company presented online. Following their presentation, Shuntaro Kodama, Managing Director of DCI Partners, who has extensive experience investing in overseas companies and was the co-lead investor in LUCA Science's previous round of investment gave a presentation.

The panel discussion covered a variety of issues, including "the attraction of LUCA Science from a VC's perspective and the reasons for the investment," and "the advantages and disadvantages of bringing foreign VCs to Japanese startups.

4BIO Capital has been aware of LUCA Science since its inception. Among other sources of information, the LINK-J webinar "Oxford Evening Vol. 5", keynote presentation made by LUCA Science 2 years ago, contributed to 4BIO Capital's consideration of LUCA Science as an investment target.



Dr. Dima Kuzmin, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, 4 BIO Capital
"An introduction to 4BioCapital - Japan perspective"


Mr. Philippe Fauchet, Venture Partner Japan, 4 BIO Capital

スクリーンショット (318).png

Dr. Rick Tsai, President & Chief Executive Officer
"Creating a Global Bioventure from Japan: LUCA Science's perspective"

スクリーンショット (324).png

Dr. Masashi Suganuma, Chairman Founder & CSO, Luka Science


Mr. Shuntaro Kodama, Managing Director, DCI Partners, Inc.
"DCIP's Investment Strategy"


Dr. Shunichi Takahashi, COO, LINK-J


Over 400 people registered for this event. 31 people joined at the venue, and there was a lively networking session after the webinar. Thank you very much for your participation! We will continue to hold the "Let's Talk with VCs!" series in the future, so please join us again.